Ragn-Sells at COP28

The UN Climate Change Conference, COP28, was being held in Dubai between 30 November and 12 December 2023. Ragn-Sells had a delegation on-site, dedicated to finding new solutions on how to use the resources already in the system and, by doing this, easing the pressure on the climate and producing enough food to feed the population.

Ragn-Sells’ sessions during COP28

4 December 15.00–15.30 | Estonian pavilion
Unlocking the Potential of the Circular Economy: Does Legislation Accelerate the Transition or Slow it Down

5 December 12.00–12.30 | Estonian pavilion
Europe’s Largest Circular Project: An Amazing Example of How 600 Million Tons of Ashes Become a Critical Raw Materials Bank for the EU

5 December 15.00–15.30 |Estonian pavilion
Is the European Green Deal delivering - and what's next?

9 December 12.00–12.30 | Estonian pavilion
Estonia’s Global Initiative: Industrial Waste Must Be Researched as Material Banks to Achieve Climate Goals

9 December 13.00–13.40 | Swedish pavilion
Havbruk – enables increased food production in our oceans
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9 December 17.00–17.40 | Swedish pavilion
Heated talks: Avoid huge N20, NH4 and CO2e emissions
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10 December 10.00–10.45 | Nordic pavilion
The 10 Billion Challenge, the Nordics can lead the way
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10 December 12.00–12.40 | Swedish pavilion
Recirculation of phosphorus – Planetary boundaries
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10 December 14.00 –14.40 | Swedish pavilion
Feeding a megacity within the Planetary boundaries and what will it mean for the built environment
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10 December 16.00–16.30 | Estonian pavilion
How Circular Innovations Can Solve the Biggest Challenges of Our Time – Sustainable Food & Fertilizers Production

Ragn-Sells' delegation 2023

Lars Lindén
CEO of the Ragn-Sells Group

Jan Svärd
CEO of EasyMining

Kai Realo
CEO of Ragn-Sells Estonia

Irja Sunden Roiha
Managing director of Ragn-Sells Havbruk

Pär Larshans
Director of Sustainability of the
Ragn-Sells Group

Alar Saluste
Project Manager Ragn-Sells OSA

Max Bashtawi
CIO of the Ragn-Sells Group

Eli Jacobsen
Head of Innovation Management at Ragn-Sells Group