Circular Table Talks

Together with We Don't Have Time, Ragn-Sells is proud to present a series of in-depth table talks on the subject of circularity.

The series explores new and exciting ideas that have the potential to benefit people, and the planet and build green economies locally and globally. Bringing together experts on the circular economy, showing examples of projects applying these principles in real life, and challenging preconceived notions of what is and isn't waste.

The Circular Table-Talks series focuses on transforming problems into new values or simply put: ”Turning trash into cash”.

”We are really happy to team up with We Don’t Have Time for these broadcasts. By utilising their network and great experience in digital broadcasting, we can spread the word about different circular solutions, highlight the crucial importance of seeing waste as a resource rather than a headache, and share new, inspiring ideas that can benefit people, the planet and help build green economies locally and globally”, says Pär Larshans, Director of Sustainability at Ragn-Sells.

Ingmar Rentzhog, founder and CEO of We Don´t Have Time, says: ”Moving from a linear to a circular economy is necessary to solve the climate crisis and the wider environmental challenges linked to it. Ragn-Sells is a visionary company with great experience and knowledge in terms of circular economy, and is simply the perfect partner for us in these broadcasts.”

Below you find the recordings of all the episodes. 

Circular Table Talks I

From July 1, 2021: A Proper Carbon Price - A Key to Higher Climate Action?

Circular Table Talks II

From October 5, 2021: Wastewater and Climate Change: Today Every Drop Counts

Circular Table Talks III

From Decmber 8, 2021: Out of the Ashes: New Circular Materials Reborn

Circular Table Talks IV

From February 8, 2022: Plastics: Molding a Sustainable Future Now

Circular Table Talks Special Edition

From April 2022. Special edition episode from Washington DC of circular table talks: Climate Needs Circularity

Circular Table Talks V

From June 8, 2022: Circularity and 21st century Logistics

Circular Table Talks Special Edition

From January 2023: Unlocking Circularity: The Crucial Role of Governments

Circular Table Talks VI

From March 2023 | Building a Circular Future (And Fast) Across the Construction Sector

Circular Table Talks VII

From June 1, 2023: Water, Taking Forward the Outcome of the 2023 UN Water Conference

Circular Table Talks VIII

June 2023 | Construction, Transforming Waste into Wealth.