Driving public debate

Responsible relations

Taking part in the public debate is an important part of our approach to sustainability, even though it’s not a material topic. We sometimes describe ourselves as an activist company, strongly advocating for more ambitious regulation around circular waste management systems in various forums. Political spheres, industry initiatives, and media platforms are examples of where and how we engage to get our message out.

”Heroes are transformers, policymakers are the enablers, private sector innovate, and together we create a circular economy.”

Pär Larshans, Director of Sustainability & Public Affairs Ragn-Sells Group


Political presence

The United Nations COP26 climate summit in November 2021 was a crucial forum for Ragn-Sells to be part of. During the conference, several Ragn-Sells representatives participated, with the aim to influence and inspire the world's policymakers to make it easier and more profitable for more companies to use recycled materials, and how circular material flows are needed to fulfil the ambitions set in the Paris agreement.