Safe handling of landfills

Climate and Environment

A safe and secure handling of our landfills is crucial for our ability to retain and uphold our environmental permits. But we also consider our landfills as material banks, from which we can turn waste into resources. Hence, our material banks are a strong enabler in our journey towards circularity.

In the process of detoxifying the circular systems, landfills are necessary for certain types of waste. It is our top priority that storage in our landfills is safe. Ragn-Sells owns and operates a number of landfills that are subject to environmental permits, which are continuously controlled by authorities and by our own self-monitoring programmes at the landfills.

Landfill gas is generally considered to be an environmental problem due to its potential for climate change. However, it can also be seen as an energy carrier and a resource.


Most emissions of greenhouse gases from Ragn-Sells’ operations actually derive from landfills. Since 2005, it is no longer allowed to deposit organic waste at landfills in Sweden, and we expect these levels to decrease in the future. However, landfills can also be an energy carrier and a resource. Ragn-Sells collect and incinerate (thus avoiding emitting) landfill gas at the sites in Sweden. These efforts effectively collect the gas, which is then used for heating, cooling, and to generate electricity that our recycling processes can be run on.