Climate and environment

Our circular business model is designed to minimise negative environmental impact and reach our ambition of being climate positive by 2030

The UN climate panel, the IPCC, has so far presented five reports summarising the scientific status of the climate. Overall focus has previously been on reducing fossil energy sources used in transport, heating and industry. More recent research is now increasingly showing that we also must change how we build and produce goods and societal needs, since production is responsible for nearly half of our emissions.

That is why we at Ragn-Sells, are changing our old family company with its roots in the nineteenth century, from being the end of the road for waste that is to be disposed, to a raw materials supplier within a recycling society.

”Emissions of greenhouse gases are one of the most important environmental aspects for us to consider."

Miranda Jensen, Environmental Manager Ragn-Sells Group

Today, Ragn-Sells’ business idea builds on circular solutions and closing the loop of material flows. Many of our operations enable more material to be returned to the material cycle, with decreased production of primary resources as a result. Our business can have a strong positive environmental impact by making new resources from waste material and removing toxic components from the material loop. Our approach to keeping society within the planetary boundaries through our business is clearly outlined in Ragn-Sells business strategy.