Our approach to sustainability

Ragn-Sells’ sustainability strategy guides our work towards sustainability and a fully circular economy.

The overall goal for Ragn-Sells’ sustainability strategy is our commitment to be climate positive by 2030 and to drive the transition to a society based on circular principles in a low carbon economy.

Our sustainability strategy is based on our vision to be living proof that caring for the earth and business go hand in hand. We want to lead the transformation towards a circular society that cares for the environment, counters climate change, and helps communities prosper. We provide society with a crucial service, taking care of waste products which otherwise would contribute to pollution of both air, soil, and water.

We also contribute to a transition into a circular economy, where waste is turned into resources to secure the access to raw materials in society. This helps us counter climate change by decreasing CO2e emissions from the extraction of virgin materials. Since our core business is based on the idea to be sustainable, we consider our business strategy to be an integral part of our sustainability strategy. It gives us momentum in all sustainability work and consists of five areas that reinforce each other, help us reach our sustainability goals, and create competitive advantage.

Through our sustainability strategy we strive towards integrating sustainability in all aspects of our business: