Meeting with Energy Commissioner Ms. Kadri Simson

In May, Ragn-Sells Estonia met with the Energy Commissioner of the European Commission, Ms. Kadri Simson to introduce a solution for the over 600 million tonnes of oil shale ash that are deposited in Eastern Estonia.

18 May 2021

- We had a positive meeting with Ms. Kadri Simson where we introduced the OSA project and the possibilities of valorizing the oil shale ash into high purity calcium carbonate – our new climate neutral innovation from industrial leftovers, says Alar Saluste, OSA Project Manager at Ragn-Sells.

The 600 million tonnes of oil shale ash deposited in Eastern Estonia has been generated from energy production for the past six decades and now Ragn-Sells, together with TalTech and Tartu University, have developed an innovative solution based on circular economy principles.

During the meeting, the parties discussed the importance of circular economy projects for different industries, including the energy sector, as well as the collaboration within the EU to acknowledge deposited waste as a valuable source for recovering critical raw materials.

From Ragn-Sells Estonia, Rain Vääna, CEO, Rainer Pesti, Communication and Marketing Manager, and Alar Saluste, OSA Project Manager, participated.