Tyres and rubber granulate

In 1994, the tyre industry established the company Svensk Däckåtervinning AB, SDAB. SDAB represents the tyre industry in its dealings with the authorities and the company’s purpose is to organise the collection and recycling of all used tyres. SDAB is the tyre industry’s response to the law on producer responsibility.

Ragn-Sells has been tasked with tyre recycling since 1995. The equivalent organisation in Norway is called Norsk Dekkretur AS.

Ragn-Sells collects and recycles all used tyres in Sweden and Norway on behalf of SDAB and Norsk Dekkretur. The tyres are used for several purposes, including material recycling, energy production, replacing materials, blasting mats and infrastructure.

More than 80,000 tonnes of tyres are collected each year in Sweden, and in Norway the figure is about 50,000 tonnes. 100 percent of the recovered tonnage is currently recycled.

Rubber granulate

Ragn-Sells produces three different products:

  • RG Fine Engineering 0 – 1.2 mm
  • RG Medium Infill 1 – 2.8 mm
  • RG Large Flexible 2.5 – 4.0 mm

RG Fine engineering is mainly used for rubber asphalt, RG Medium Infill is used as an infill in artificial turf and in embankments for shooting ranges and RG Large Flexible is used in e-layers for football pitches and to produce rubber tiles.

The tyres used as raw material for our products originate from Sweden, Norway and Denmark. We can ensure high quality in this material since we collect all tyres in Sweden and Norway on behalf of Svensk Däckåtervinning AB and Norsk Dekkkretur AS. Svensk Däckåtervinning AB and Norsk Dekkretur AS organizes the tyre industry's producer responsibility in Sweden and Norway. The tyres collected undergo quality control before being used in our ISO 14001-certified factory. Our products are tested and optimised to ensure good environmental and product performance.

We help our customers with just-in-time deliveries.

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