We sell our paper for recycling to paper mills in Europe and Asia. In Europe the export focus is on the german market. We also deliver to our domestic mills in Scandinavia and the Baltic states. In the Asian market, our main activities are in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Korea.

Ragn-Sells deals with all sorts of paper qualities but our main volumes are OCC collected from companies, sorted graphic paper from households for de-inking and printing mix from printing-houses.

We have our own depots in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Estonia where all the paper is sorted and baled. This guarantees our customers that Ragn-Sells will provide deliveries to a standard specification.

The high fiber strength of our Nordic OCC gives us an advantage in the market compared with European continental qualities.

Our expertise and presence in each market means we can also help you to sell your paper. For special qualities of paper, we can use our knowledge from each market to find a good solution that suits you.

Feel free to contact us for further information: 

​Christer Kvalshaugen
Sales manager Paper group
(Asia & Europe)
Mobile: +47 900 53 352
Email: christer.kvalshaugen@ragnsells.com

René Jensen
Sales, Denmark
Mobile: +45 222 089 60
Email: rene.jensen@ragnsells.com 

Ülo Kasema
Sales Estonia & Finland
Mobile: +372 50 14 844
Email: ulo.kasema@ragnsells.com