Transfrontier shipments/movement of waste (TFS)

All waste crossing borders is subject to control measures set by international, EU and national law.

The sole purpose of this legislation is to protect public health and the environment, ensuring proper and sound waste management. If not followed, exporters, waste producers, importers, recipient facilities or carriers may be prosecuted, which not only generates negative publicity for the companies involved but also results in heavy fines and imprisonment. With this in mind, three initial questions need to be considered before deciding to export waste:

  • How is the waste classified?
  • Which country do you want to ship the waste to?
  • Is disposal or recovery management carried out in a way that respects public health and the environment?

There are several options available when it comes to shipping waste across borders, depending on the answers to these questions. It's not always easy to determine the option due to the broad operating environment and range of laws and regulations.

Ragn-Sells can help you understand the operating environment and TFS essentials while ensuring that all recyclables and/or materials for disposal are correctly transported, received, and treated in compliance with national and international regulations.

Ragn-Sells group has more than a hundred years of experience in collecting and handling waste.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information about import and export of waste:

Magdalena Kwarta
Quality & Environmental manager Import/Export
Mobile: +47 466 48461