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Ragn-Sells operates through several subsidiary companies located in four different countries: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Estonia.

For companies to dare to buy materials produced from waste, they must be able to trust where the material comes from, what it contains, and what we have done with it.

Jonas Wäneskog, Managing Director at Ragn-Sells Recyclables

Since January 1, 2013, all sales of raw materials, including waste for energy production, have been coordinated by Ragn-Sells Recyclables, which has the responsibility and authority to sell raw materials for the Ragn-Sells Group. Recyclables is also responsible for procuring delivery logistics for raw materials. 

The Ragn-Sells Group roughly collects 1.5 million tonnes of recycled materials that can be used as raw materials for industrial purposes or to produce energy. Recyclables offer a broad spectrum of different material grades to meet your needs.

Ragn-Sells Recyclables also purchases recycled waste products, which is of great benefit to us when entering into supply agreements.

We transport and deliver 1.5 million tonnes of recycled waste every year, which has a considerable environmental impact. We are actively working to identify efficient and eco-friendly solutions that offer financial and environmental benefits.

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