Customer focus

Ragn-Sells supports thousands of customers with their waste management each year. Some customers need Ragn-Sells only occasionally, others are reliant on us 24 hours a day, all year round. To many customers, the services we provide are critical for their core business - their production process - which puts great demand on Ragn-Sells to have the skills and resources to meet customers needs.

”Collaboration and knowledge sharing with our customers are key areas in the transformation to a more circular world. Together we can make change happen.”

Carina Qvarngård, Head of Go to Market Ragn-Sells Group

Our Customer Portal saves time for customers as it enables them to order their services when they have the possibility, plus providing full visibility of their waste flows, invoices, and statistics in one place.

We strive to share knowledge and find new sustainable solutions in everything we do. This includes making customers and waste deliverers aware of what type and amount of waste they handle, contributing to a positive impact by challenging our customers, and improving their own recycling. 

Our key focus areas are based upon the knowledge of the limited resources our planet can deliver in the future and we believe Ragn-Sells has an important role to play in finding ways to handle these resources more consciously.   

Additionally, we have a dialogue with our customers regarding possible ways to re-use or recycle their residual products in order to find the more resource-efficient ways. Apart from taking care of the future’s resources, Ragn-Sells is also able to handle materials from other sectors, such as contaminated soils, inert masses, and fly and bottom ashes. 

Customer surveys are a way to ensure that Ragn-Sells delivers service which meet the customers’ expectations and needs. These surveys can also be an important tool in the process of defining collaborative activities with our customers. During 2020, we performed customer surveys on all our operations and our ambition is to continue gathering feedback from customers on a yearly basis. 


RagnCycle™ sorting app and Waste to Resource e-learning

To support customers and improve their knowledge of waste management, we have developed the app RagnCycle™ and the e-learning Waste to Resource.

Our ambition is that these initiatives will further support the understanding of values of resources in a circular world. The e-learning describes the importance of sorting for optimal handling, the value of recycling in a world with limited resources, the laws and regulations for compliance and correct treatment, as well as forming a foundation for the customers environmental certification (ISO 14001). 


Sustainable workshop – a complete solution for workshop waste

The automotive industry has rapidly developed towards a more sustainable industry through electrification.

During 2020, we saw the opportunity to follow this advancement through a sustainable development of our workshops related to cars. These now have a circular focus, including innovative treatment methods such as waste oil, brake fluid, and glycol. Together with partners, we have also developed circular treatments where our customers will be ensured of values such as resource efficiency and climate impact savings.