Responsible relations

In this section we present our collaborations to drive sustainable development in our operating areas, local communities, and within the public debate.

Partnerships and cooperation with others are crucial to transform our linear economy to a circular society.

Our engagement with other industry players, political representatives, and business leaders is of great importance to us. It stimulates technological progress, innovation, and ambitious initiatives that put us in the forefront of the movement of circular development. We work hard to secure a sustainable supply chain and we always strive to go beyond compliance.

Ragn-Sells long term strategy supports the Sustainable Development Goals and

The following ambitions guide Ragn-Sells towards a sustainable and responsible business in 2030.

  • Through collaboration and partnerships with our business partners and society we deploy world leading, refined, value-creating circular solutions.
  • The depositing of our downstream material on the world market is monitored and audited in a transparent and compliant manner and is the norm in society.
  • At least 50% of all our procurement is sourced from recycled resources. 

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