Health and safety

Ragn-Sells’ highest priority is to safeguard the health of employees, entrepreneurs, customers and the public. There are potential risks related to health and safety in a wide range of the company’s processes and operations, for employees as well as customers and contractors. Additionally, the use of vehicles and machines on public roads pose potential risks for third parties.

Preventive work

Ragn-Sells works systematically to minimise risks and prevent work-related accidents. Safety First is a key phrase that permeates Ragn-Sells’ internal work methods and covers all employees. We continuously improve preventive risk management and the reporting of risk situations and non-conformities. 

A high number of reports of risk observations and incidents decreases the risk of actual accidents. To achieve a safer work environment and reduce the number of accidents, Ragn-Sells therefore works actively on communication and information regarding the importance of reporting accidents, incidents and risk observations. To facilitate the reporting of safety discrepancies in the workplace, Ragn-Sells use an application where employees easily can report risks, incidents and accidents, which has successfully increased safety awareness.  

"Many activities linked to us has become more sustainable and increased transparency internally"

Sofia Blomdal, Health & Safety Manager

n 2019, Ragn-Sells operations in Norway implemented an incident management system, ImproveRS, to streamline the reporting of accidents and incidents, and to work more effectively with corrective measures. In 2020, the remaining countries in which Ragn-Sells operates in will implement the system. 

Furthermore, safety officers conduct regular and systematic inspections at our sites, to control and improve the safety of employees. As part of our traffic safety policy, breathalysers are installed in vehicles, which minimise the risk of driving under the influence of alcohol. In order to reduce the negative physical burden on our staff, we continuously carry out trainings in ergonomics for both officials and production staff. 

Health and safety issues are managed locally within the different companies in the Ragn-Sells Group. In Sweden, these issues are heavily regulated by the government. To ensure the same health and safety standards in all countries where Ragn-Sells operates, local policies and procedures are in place. Accidents and sick leave are monitored by all companies. All operations are governed by a certified management system. Read more here.