We care for our employees 

Many different professional groups work at Ragn-Sells, production staff, drivers, researchers, academics, salesmen and administrators, among others. As they all play different, but equally important roles, we work actively with ensuring that the necessary skills are present in the many different occupational categories.

"Our employees are at the heart of our business and also fulfill important societal functions in the work they do."

Susanne Schumann, Head of Human Resources Ragn-Sells Group

Employee information

In 2020, Ragn-Sells Group had 2,303 employees in total (i.e. total No. of employees including part-time employees) of which 78% were men and 22% were women. The majority of the employees (58%) were working in Sweden.

In Ragn-Sells Sweden, Recyclables, Ragn-Sellsföretagen, and Tyre Recycling, all employees are covered by collective bargaining agreements. In Estonia, no employees are covered by collective bargaining agreements and in Norway and Denmark the percentages that are covered are 57% and 63%, respectively.In Denmark, 100% of blue-collar employees are covered by collective bargaining agreements. 

In Estonia all employees can turn to Labour authorities for legal compliant concerning occupational health and safety. 

Ragn-Sells as an employer

As an employer, Ragn-Sells offers a safe workplace where employees feel comfortable, perform well, and continuously develop; professionally and personally. We value participation and diversity in an inclusive work environment. At Ragn-Sells there are great opportunities to pursue careers in many different areas. 

Ragn-Sells bi-annual employee survey provides us with information on employee satisfaction in four main areas: Engagement, Leadership, Organisational capabilities, and Target & Strategy. 

In the late 2020 we conducted a pulse survey, which temporarily replaced the annual employee survey, and the following statements regarding positive development were made. These results are a confirmation that our hard work has generated positive results, and we will ensure that we keep the same high standard during 2021 and as long as necessary.

  • Leaders are acting trustworthy and swiftly during the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Employees have a strong belief in the future direction of Ragn-Sells
  • Employees are proud of working for Ragn-Sells and act as ambassadors for us


Adjusting to the pandemic

The corona pandemic hit all of us, in various ways and to different extents. For the Ragn-Sells Group, a lot of attention was directed toward keeping our business operations running safely. 

In order to secure sound crisis management, the Group CEO initiated daily meetings with the Group management team. There were immediate actions put in place to secure internal infection prevention. Specific instructions were put in place and a lot of information was communicated internally to keep all employees up to date. All leadership teams and sites went through risk analysis, emergency response plans, and business contingency plans.

In the daily Group management crisis meetings, the development in all countries and the effects on all business units were discussed and analysed. Based on the risk situation, new actions were taken and communicated in order to secure daily business operations for all leaders and employees.

For many of our office workers, a long period of working from home started early in the year 2020, with digital meetings and a more home-based office. To ensure a good working environment and well-being of the employees, more team meetings have been offered solely for coffee or general follow-up, and also meetings outdoors for employee conversations.

Culture and leadership framework

Ragn-Sells is like any other company faced with managing continuous change. In order to succeed with all the changes, we support a culture that engages employees. Over the years, Ragn-Sells’ culture and values have developed and are continuously doing so. Today, we focus a lot on creating trust that will enable us to be a driving force for sustainable business development. 

Leadership in a transforming market is about inventing new ways of working, changing behaviours, understanding what is important and how this affects our corporate culture. Our leadership model 5C, launched during 2019, became the starting point of a cultural journey for us. It guides our company and our leaders in how to act and engage employees in the shift towards circularity. Our values – simplicity, accountability, holistic view, and drive – are the cornerstones of this work, and the model builds upon these. 

The 5C’s model emphasises the willingness to Collaborate, a skill that is crucial in creating circularity. In our daily operations, we need to be Compliant with regulations so that we can be trustworthy as a circular economy transformation partner to our customers, partners, and other stakeholders. With the appropriate Competence, we can support our customers in their circularity journey. We do this by caring for our employees, ensuring a safe work environment, diversity, equal opportunities, and non-discrimination, and by continuously developing our circularity skills. By setting clear and measurable goals for each employee, we inspire people to be Committed. Finally, we are increasing our ability to Communicate, allowing everybody, inside and outside Ragn-Sells, to contribute to our goal of developing a sustainable future.

We communicate. We listen to each other and seek dialog. We give constructive feedback that leads to greater results.  
Through collaboration we help each other succeed by sharing knowledge, networking and creating common goals to support one Ragn-Sells.  
We are committed to Ragn-Sells and are loyal to decisions that are taken. We strive to continuously improve as individuals and as an organisation.  
Ragn-Sells is a company that cares and takes responsibility. We are compliant and follow the laws, regulations, standards, policies and guidelines, as well as ethical practices that apply. Compliance is an ongoing process that sets expectations for our behaviour, helps us to stay focused and work through operational excellence.  
We develop through our work and we are responsible for continuously developing our competencies. When we develop, Ragn-Sells develops. 

Diversity and inclusion

Ragn-Sells is convinced that the company’s diversity is an asset, as diversity gives access to a wide variety of talents, skills, and experiences which helps provide insights into society’s needs and motivations. From our point of view, diversity comes in all shapes and sizes and we are committed to offering an inclusive workplace. Therefore, diversity and equality are an integral part of who we are and how we operate. 

Our ambition is to have a balance in the workforce at all levels and positions, and the objective is to achieve an even gender balance within the organisation. Gender equality is also about creating an inclusive culture and we are all responsible for inclusion; it starts with you! 

An e-learning in our Code of Conduct is available for all employees. Ragn-Sells’ Code of Conduct gives a clear message that the company is an equal opportunities employer, where discrimination and violence, bullying, threats, abuse, or harassment are not tolerated.  

All employees have the same rights, opportunities, and obligations regardless of gender, ethnicity, cultural background, and age. Not managing issues of diversity, equal opportunities and discrimination creates high risk. Non-compliance could affect Ragn-Sells’ employees, the work environment, and therefore the entire organisation negatively. It could also result in Ragn-Sells breaking basic principles and laws in national legislation in the countries where Ragn-Sells operates. 

To increase diversity, daily practices must ensure that there are no internal barriers or discrimination with regards to equal opportunities, for example in recruitment, training, or promotion. To anchor Ragn-Sells’ approach to non-discrimination throughout the organisation, efforts are made to increase awareness of diversity and equality issues with managers and employees. These issues are therefore an important part of the leadership training and value-based work. 

To ensure that all Ragn-Sells employees complies with the Code of Conduct, the following activities are performed: 

  • All new employees conduct training in Ragn-Sells Code of Conduct. 
  • When recruiting, always ensure advertising and interviews provide equal opportunities.
  • Review salaries annually to ensure fair wages; salaries are set based on role and responsibility.
  • Whistleblower function for employees to report negative conditions. 
  • Conduct employee surveys bi-annually, where employees are asked to give feedback on work environment related topics.

Code of Ragn-Sells

Through the annual employee satisfaction surveys, Ragn-Sells gets feedback on its employees’ perception of the topics. Previous employee surveys show that some employees experience deficiencies in our behaviour towards each other; there are those who feel violated and insecure at their workplace. From Ragn-Sells point of view, this is unacceptable.

Therefore, Ragn-Sells has begun a long-term, comprehensive work to become a workplace as inclusive and tolerant as possible. The initiative is called Code of Ragn-Sells and consists of a series of workshops where our employees can discuss questions and solutions regarding behaviour, equal opportunities, and non-discrimination. The programme shall be implemented in all units within the entire company during 2021.  

Through our work, we contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), for example SDG4 on Quality Education, SDG5 on Gender Equality, and SDG10 on Reduced Inequalities.