To promote the long-term interests of Ragn-Sells and all stakeholders, the company strives to maintain the high legal and ethical standards in all of its business practices.

All businesses and other activities shall be carried out strictly in compliance with all applicable laws. This requires all employees to act responsibly and with integrity and honesty. Being compliant relates to a broad spectrum of sustainability aspects, such as accounting and tax fraud, corruption, bribery, competition, the provision of products and services, or labour issues, such as workplace discrimination.

Our Code of Conduct and whistleblower function

Ragn-Sells’ ethical standards are outlined in our Code of Conduct. The Code is to be strictly observed by all companies within the Group, all employees, officers, and board members of Ragn-Sells Group, in all markets and at all times. The Code is the framework for Ragn-Sells’ compliance management and the company’s risk-based approach. It states Ragn-Sells’ commitment to conducting business and pursuing interests in a legal and ethical manner and it encourages the Group to be a responsible corporate citizen. The Code contains Ragn-Sells’ position in relation to legal compliance, human rights, employees, business ethics, conflicts of interest, company assets, and exports to developing countries. 

To ensure knowledge of the Code of Conduct, Ragn-Sells have an educational programme for employees and all employees are required to go through the Code of Conduct training. We aimed at having 80 percent of all employees completing the training in 2020. The result was 75 percent.

Ragn-Sells is committed to ensuring compliance with the Code of Conduct throughout the organisation.

Employees are encouraged to raise their concerns regarding potential violations of the Code and its underlying policies and instructions. The primary way to report suspected misconduct incidents is via the line management. However, employees also have alternative reporting routes, including an internally hosted whistleblowing channel, reporting directly to the Group CEO.  

An employee who reports a potential Code of Conduct violation in good faith shall suffer no harassment, retaliation, or adverse employment consequences. All employees are asked to seek advice on ethical and lawful behaviour and on matters of integrity from their direct manager or from any member of the management team, in order to reduce the risk of misconduct. The reported cases of misconduct are investigated either locally or centrally, depending on the nature of the reported issue. 

During 2020, no incidents were reported through the whistleblower channel. No convictions related to violations of human rights, labour law or other violations of legislation related to social aspects, such as discrimination or harassment were reported for 2020 (2019: no cases). 

Ragn-Sells reduce the risks of violating health and safety aspects by having a systematic work process. This is described in the chapter Health & safety