Business ethics

Ragn-Sells Group is committed to conducting its business and pursuing its interests in a legal and ethical manner. With businesses in many countries and a wide range of processes, services and products, a broad perspective on business ethics is required.

Business ethics is an essential part of the Ragn-Sells’ Code of Conduct, where it is stated that the company insists on honesty, integrity and fairness and is committed to upholding and promoting high ethical standards in all aspects of the business. 

Ragn-Sells shall comply with all applicable anti-trust and competition legislation. Corruption and bribes are taken seriously and are not tolerated.

The topic has been addressed by management on a Group level through the adoption of a common Business Ethics Directive, which outlines the Group’s position regarding corruption and bribes, conflicts of interest, and competition law. In 2020, an e-learning in three parts addressing anti-trust, corruption, and conflict of interest has been developed. The e-learning modules have been translated to Ragn-Sells working languages; Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, and Estonian and all employees are encouraged to conduct the training which is mandatory for all managers and white-collar employees. The e-learning has been launched in Sweden and Denmark in 2020 and launch in Norway and Estonia is imminent. 

During 2020, no confirmed cases of corruption were reported (2019: no cases). There were no confirmed cases of employees being dismissed or disciplined for corruption and no confirmed incidents leading to the termination of contracts with business partners. No lawsuits were brought against any Ragn-Sells companies within the field of competition law (2019: no cases).