Risk management

Ragn-Sells’ risks related to sustainability naturally differ between our material sustainability topics and throughout our value chain. This section is an attempt to clarify our overall framework for risk prevention and legal compliance at the Group level.

(A detailed description of the risks and how these are managed within the organisation is found chapter-by-chapter for each material topic throughout the report.)

Our risks are managed in a systematic, transparent, and preventive way. Our overall Compliance programme stipulates this process, with concrete actions being transferred and implemented by the department in charge of the material topic connected to the risk. During 2020, our work to ensure compliance has been enhanced. With clearly identified risks, our preventative work is now more tangible. Our updated Business Partner Code of Conduct is such an example. Parallel to this, we have also intensified our work to ensure compliance in the areas of Environmental, Health & safety, and Business ethics.  

Our Code of Conduct and Business Partner Code of Conduct lay the foundation for our compliance management, along with national and international legislation. We also use our public voice to push for a more comprehensive legal framework that promotes ambitious actions to accelerate the circular economy.

We learn from incidents and from each other. Through our management systems, the reported incidents are taken care of in the respective area.

Ragn-Sells’ compliance policy clearly outlines that we follow the Code of Conduct and work systematically and preventively regarding risks related to compliance.

Compliance programme

Ragn-Sells’ operational risks are managed through our operational businesses and on an overall level in the compliance programme. The programme is the result of an overall high-level risk analysis and highlights our most significant risks and how to deal with these on a general level. This instrument serves to provide our owners with information and understanding about our risks and the tools we apply for risk prevention. Ragn-Sells’ sustainability management is responsible for the process of legal compliance, while every separate department owns the responsibility of their own implementation and actualisation. This includes our internal operations as well as all daily contact concerning actors upstream and downstream in our value chain.

Risk overview


Our most prominent risks include environmental damage which can have a severe negative impact on the local environment in which we operate. These risks include unethical waste management downstream in our value chain and violations of permits, licenses and terms related to environmental aspects. They also include emissions to soil and water in waste treatment plants, local impact in environmental terms of noise, dust, and odour from waste treatment and/or transports. In relation to climate change, our highest emissions of greenhouse gases come from Ragn-Sells’ landfill operations.

Risk management

  • All companies in the Group apply the precautionary principle and comply with applicable licenses and environmental legislation. Legal requirements are continuously monitored.
  • Ragn-Sells in Norway, Sweden, Estonia, and Denmark are ISO 14001 certified and continuously work to improve the environmental impact, including legal compliance audits.
  • Energy activity mapping and other energy measures such as transport planning, energy-saving projects, reduced idling, and switching to renewable fuels, are performed continuously.
  • We keep a close dialogue with authorities and continuously develop processes for self-monitoring and training for our operations which require a permit.
  • We include local stakeholders in managing complaints from operations.
  • Our Business Partner Code of Conduct offers a systematized evaluation process of our downstream partners.
  • For external entrepreneurs, supplier assessments are carried out. Internal audits are regularly conducted to ensure compliance with routines.


Working conditions in our value chain

Our risks throughout our value chain include poor working conditions, especially for hired transporters and entrepreneurs working at Ragn-Sells sites. Non-compliance with regulations regarding working conditions may result in unethical working conditions downstream, especially in high-risk countries. 

Risk management

  • When entering a new partnership, we make sure all necessary permits and certifications are in place and regulate decent working conditions through the signing of our Business Partner Code of Conduct.
  • For our contracted drivers, we perform safety rounds on the subcontractors' vehicles to control rest and driving time. A vehicle handbook has also been prepared containing several routines for how the work is to be performed.
  • We regularly conduct self-assessments and perform audits and site visits to our partners.


Health and safety

Risk related to health and safety include accidents inhouse and in outsourced processes. Examples of such incidents are fall accidents and crushing injuries when using vehicles and technical equipment.

Risk management

  • Our internal initiative Safety first measures the relation between reported risk observations with the number of incidents per accident. We have also developed an app to facilitate the reporting process of incidents and accidents.
  • We carry out systematic work with health and safety, i.e. risk assessments and employee surveys.
  • We work to guarantee 100% electrical safety in our business.
  • Ragn-Sells in Norway, Sweden, Estonia, and Denmark are ISO 45001 certified.
  • Our Business Partner Code of Conduct regulates safe working conditions in our outsourced processes.


Social and human rights

Not managing issues covering diversity, equal opportunities and discrimination is a high risk. Non-compliance could affect Ragn-Sells’ employees, the work environment, and the entire organisation negatively. It could also result in Ragn-Sells breaking basic principles and laws in national legislation in the countries in which Ragn-Sells operates.

Risk management

  • Our Code of Conduct is our main compliance instrument to ensure that social and human rights are met throughout our entire operations.
  • Respect for human rights is also managed internally through our Safety first initiative, which focuses on diversity, equal opportunities, and non-discrimination.


Business ethics and anti-corruption

We are committed to conducting our business and pursuing its interests in a legal and ethical manner. With a complex value chain, a broad perspective on business ethics is required. In our upstream operations, our own employees may pose a risk to Ragn-Sells in the event that they have come into contact with unethical business situations and agreements. Downstream, the main risks include bribes and unethical business deals in order to negotiate a lower price. Reputational risk is connected to all of the above.

Risk management

  • Our Group Business Ethics Directive including policies and internal requirements within the risk areas. The directive is available in all the Ragn-Sells Group working languages.
  • Upholding and promoting ethical business standards is stated in our Code of Conduct.
  • Training in business ethics on all management levels.
  • E-learnings in business ethics – mandatory for all white-collar employees.