Circularity is critical to reach a sustainable future

2019 has been a year that sticks out in the history of Ragn-Sells. We have put circularity on top of the agenda throughout the company. We have decided upon a 2030 vision where the main goal for Ragn-Sells is to become climate positive through innovative circular solutions that both detoxify and recycle back critical resources to society. We have also introduced a new leadership model where Communication, Collaboration, Commitment, Compliance and Competence are addressed as key components on how we should lead and act to achieve our 2030 vision. 

Lars Lindén. CEO

Scientific evidence from 2019 proves that by introducing circular solutions in society almost 50% of carbon emissions will be eliminated. It is therefore critical to recover and recycle already extracted resources and to close material loops in order to even have the slightest chance of reaching the Paris agreement. Our message is clear; It can be done! However, society and policymakers need to support with circular policies, circular procurement practices and taxes that promote and stimulate circularity. Is it possible to recycle everything? No, not without treatment, not unless unwanted substances are taken out, and furthermore, we must understand the importance of allowing large scale recycling.

What achievements from 2019 am I most proud of?

All the investigating, planning and preparation work that has laid the foundation for the Ragn-Sells board decision in early 2020, to approve our largest investment ever in Ragn-Sells. In total, more than 50 MEUR will be invested in a new plant for the treatment of fly ash from waste-to-energy processes using the Ash2®Salt technology We have also been able to set the circular agenda in all our markets, where the interest and awareness from both national, European and global policymakers is increasing for our circular solutions.

We know that we are on the right track. That´s why we became especially happy and proud when our innovation to extract nitrogen out of wastewater received the Swedish award “Innovation of the year”, and that our colleague, Dr Yariv Cohen, was honoured with the “Chemist of the year” award in Sweden.

What I hope for in the next 10 years?

I am convinced that Ragn-Sells sustainability ambitions will in 2030 have contributed to both detoxifying and recycling back critical resources to society, that we as a company have reduced our carbon emissions and become climate positive, and finally, that we are perceived as a role model with a leadership based on collaboration!

Lars Lindén, CEO Ragn-Sells Group