"I am so grateful for the ongoing commitment and responsibility that Ragn-Sells employees have continued to show during this difficult year"

Lars Lindén, CEO Ragn-Sells Group

2020, a year we will not forget

In 2019, Ragn-Sells defined clear goals for the next ten years in the form of ten sustainability goals that together point out the great contribution we as a company can make in the realisation of the global sustainability goals set by the nations of the world in 2015.

In 2020, these goals were affirmed by the Ragn-Sells board and became governing in our business planning and budget work for 2021. It was with great satisfaction that I listened to our CFO who, during the presentation of the budget conditions, repeatedly returned to our ten sustainability goals, emphasising that in order to generate the return required to develop our
company, these goals are key.

I would like to underline that these goals are not the sustainability department’s, but the goals for the whole of Ragn-Sells business and operations.

2020 was an extreme year where the pandemic hit us all with full force. During the first period, we had daily meetings with the group management team. Partly to understand and update ourselves on what was happening in the world around us, but mainly to be able to act quickly related to e.g. staff falling ill, as well as be able to quickly implement business-critical decisions needed. We have closely followed the recommendations made by the local public health authorities in each country, which in turn has led to that we have developed and adapted our ways of working.

With regard to our business operations, as a consequence of the pandemic, we have during the year had to completely shut down certain parts for periods of time, while in other areas of the business we have experienced an increased demand and market need. I am so grateful for the ongoing commitment and responsibility that Ragn-Sells’ employees have continued to show during this difficult year.

When it comes to our business ambitions, these coincide and align with our sustainability story and vision that ‘Ragn-Sells want to be living proof that caring for the earth and business go hand in hand’. We will be society's driving force in creating circular flows and have several employees who are actively involved in various collaboration groups initiated by the Environmental or Trade & Industry authorities, or in cross segment business initiatives, etc. We support and are involved in several UN processes, and we have as of 2020 permanent staff representing us in Brussels to support our EU interactions. We simply want to be involved in shaping the future and the opportunities for coming generations on earth.

The overall ambition for our 10 sustainability goals is that by 2030, Ragn-Sells will be climate positive.

In addition to reducing our own climate emissions by more than 50% (base year 2019), we will implement innovative circular solutions that remove emissions elsewhere in society solutions that capture and store greenhouse gases to a greater extent than our own emissions. With that said, we will not climate compensate, instead we choose to change!

Despite the challenges we have faced in the past year, 2020 was a year with a very strong overall result for Ragn-Sells. We have never invested so much in new R&D projects and circular solutions, where the construction of our Ash2Salt plant of over 60 MEURO is a clear example. In the middle of the pandemic, we made the final decision to invest and start construction, something that Sweden's Minister of Trade and Industry pointed out and expressed the importance of this project for Sweden as a nation. We have also further deepened our collaboration with Gelsenwasser AG for our upcoming joint projects in Germany where the first project in line is an Ash2Phos plant for 30,000 tonnes of ash per year. This plant will cover the needs for the new incineration plant Gelsenwasser is building.

I would like to end by thanking all our employees who contribute to the company's development every day.

Without you, neither the financial results nor our sustainability ambitions could be realised. At the same time, I would also like to turn to my colleagues in the business, to all the managers who work in the public sector, and to our political leaders. Together with you, I want to move society from a linear economy to a circular economy where the ability to cooperate will be absolutely crucial – let’s make this happen together.

Lars Lindén
CEO Ragn-Sells Group