Our business is contributing to circularity

Today’s transformation from a linear to a circular economy means that contemporary business models may not exist in the future. Therefore, Ragn-Sells has decided to drive sustainable change as a thought-leader through partnerships with society as well as with existing and future business partners.

Ragn-Sells has identified three basic principles to guide the development of our business. These principles are symbolised with the three overlapping circles each representing a key criteria for us in making decisions on where to invest in the future.

We believe that our model for developing circular solutions, where resources are used over and over again, needs to live up to:

  1. De facto reduce the need to use virgin resources.
  2. Decontaminate circular flows.
  3. No debts or obstacles pushed to future generations.

The aim is to find business opportunities where all three principles are met. We are convinced that these principles must be the guideline in order to create a functioning global market where circular resources contribute to reducing the risk of global warming and do not cause harm to future generations.  

"Our role has changed dramatically, today waste is a valuable material that we trade on a global market."

Anders Kihl, Head of Research and Development


Business areas

Ragn-Sells Group is organised into three business areas; Recycling, Treatment & Detox and New Value Chains.

Business area: Recycling

Recycling collects and recycles waste in order to bring the recycled materials back into new processes. Our key role is to collect the right materials, combine them with similar materials and ensure the quality of the outcoming materials according to the receiving customers’ expectations. We also see increased requirements from authorities, pushing the market in this direction. We welcome this transition and intend to meet the new challenges by constantly aiming to work smarter and to utilise vehicles and facilities better, always with the customer in focus.


Business area: Treatment & Detox

Some waste streams require a more complex treatment method, and the treated material might not be harmless enough to recirculate back into society. Ragn-Sells’ mission is to decontaminate these materials and to prevent the toxins from re-entering the material loop. Ashes and contaminated soils are examples of waste types managed by our business area Treatment & Detox. With extensive experience and knowledge within the field combined with a constant effort to find new, innovative solutions, we strive to continuously improve the management of these waste streams. Ragn-Sells’ safe landfills are either used for final disposal or as temporary storage for materials, also known as material banks, that could be used in the future when Ragn-Sells, with the help of innovative solutions, finds new ways to treat and use them.


Business area: New Value Chain

Ragn-Sells strive to establish joint ventures via cross-segment integrations, implementing new ways of working and techniques to recycle waste to resources. Using waste to replace virgin resources provides enormous opportunities to reduce carbon footprint. Realizing this, in practice is however difficult for any industry on its own – no industry can solve this itself.