Sustainability report 2019

We at Ragn-Sells contribute to a better society and a better environment by offering innovative and efficient solutions to minimize, manage, detoxify and convert waste into resources. Read here about how we work for long-term sustainability throughout our business.



Ragn-Sells awarded as ”Circular promoter of the year”

Ragn-Sells has been named “Circular promoter of the year” at the Recycling Gala in Stockholm. The jury noted that Ragn-Sells has developed a new technology to extract the nutrient phosphorus from sewage sludge, and at the same time pushed for public procurement to award products of recycled material.

The jury addressed Ragn-Sells' technology for extracting phosphorus from incinerated waste sludge, developed by Ragn- Ragn-Sells' innovation company EasyMining and world-patented under the name Ash2Phos.

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Isabella Lövin visited pilot project within circular economy

Minister for Environment and Climate, and Deputy Prime Minister Isabella Lövin visited Ragn-Sells’ innovation company EasyMining in Uppsala in December and was impressed by their achievements.

The purpose of the visit was to present Easymining's pilot project to extract resources from various types of waste. Award winning chemist and Development Manager Yariv Cohen explained the benefits of the innovative and patented phosphorus solution, Ash2Phos.

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Ragn-Sells puts circular economy on the climate conference agenda

Ragn-Sells was invited to participate at the UN Climate Change Conference COP25 in Madrid.

At the conference, Ragn-Sells highlightened the transition to a circular economy as a key to countering climate change. Ragn-Sells Chief Sustainability & Public Affairs Officer Pär Larshans was representing the company together with Jan Svärd, CEO of Ragn-Sells’ innovation subsidiary EasyMining.

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Minister optimistic after seeing our circular solutions

Minister of Enterprise Ibrahim Baylan visited Ragn-Sells to gain an insight into the company's circular work and learn more about the new innovations that have been developed to create a sustainable society.

We introduced the Minister to our work with the transformation towards a circular economy and he showed great interest in the innovations that we have developed, e.g. a solution for extracting over 90% of all phosphorus from sewage sludge.

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Electric truck - among the first in Europe

The first electric waste truck attracted a lot of attention when it first started operating in Oslo city centre last summer, in February 2019 – less than one year later – it is being joined by a 50-tonne articulated lorry.

Ragn-Sells’ goal is for all its waste trucks and goods vehicles to operate on fossil-free power in the future, and the company is now investing in more electric vehicles as part of its “Highway to EL” concept.

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First to recycle plastic from organic waste

Ragn-Sells-owned NC Miljø in Denmark is first to recycle plastic from organic waste. Advanced sorting and a pioneering washing technology enables the sorted plastic to be pelleted and re-used as a raw material, instead of incinerating it as was previously the case.

In april this year, the convenience store chain Netto is the first to use the recycled plastic and thanks to the new technology they can offer its customers circular bin-liners, made from the company’s own organic waste.

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