Sustainability strategy

Ragn-Sells long term sustainability strategy supports the Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030. We have identified four focus areas that will guide Ragn-Sells towards a sustainable and responsible business in 2030. 

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Ragn-Sells four focus areas:

Collaboration and compliance in combination with value-based business principles is the key enabler to a circular world. 

In everything we do, our aim to create value; for nature, people, and for our own business. We are proud of our products and services that turn waste into treasures. Our value creation is made possible by improving, innovating and reinventing ourselves. On this exciting journey, collaboration is key. 

  • Our Go to Market model is fully operational where value-based business principles permeates everything we do.

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Our competent employees will support our quest to transform society into circularity.

Ragn-Sells´ competent employees are our most important asset and will support our quest to transform society into a circular economy. Their work enables us to be a driving force for sustainable business development. 

  • Our work safety is industry leading and we are perceived as a role model. 
  • The culture in Ragn-Sells is fully collaborative and non-discriminative, where gender balance amongst company leaders is the norm. 
  • Employee competence around circularity is a driving force to develop business partners and inspire society.

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Changing the mindset in society from waste to resource is fundamental in making the world climate positive. 

Through our operations, we have both a positive and negative impact on the environment. Our conviction is that waste is a resource and working both upstream and downstream is a prerequisite in creating circular material flows and to maximize the value of resources. 

  • The established waste hierarchy has been replaced by a resource principle that focuses on securing the availability of circular resources. 
  • Our landfills have developed into material banks. 
  • Ragn-Sells has reduced the CO2e footprint from our operations and facilities in line with, or better than, the Paris agreement. 

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Partnerships and cooperation with others are crucial to transform our linear economy to a circular society.

Our engagement with other industry players, political representatives and business leaders is of great importance to us. It stimulates technological progress, innovation and ambitious initiatives that put us in the forefront of the movement of circular development. 

  • Through collaboration and partnerships with our business partners and society we deploy world leading, refined, value-creating circular solutions. 
  • The depositing of our downstream material on the world market is monitored and audited in a transparent and compliant manner and is the norm in society. 
  • At least 50 % of all our procurement is sourced from recycled resources. 

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Sustainability management

Our sustainability journey includes activities on a local, tactical and strategic level. On a local level, we ensure compliance with environmental, social and ethical aspects through our cross-group compliance management program. During 2019, we have also continued the implementation of our internal initiative “Safety first”, which promotes a safe working environment, healthy workers and equal treatment of our employees. 

On a tactical level, we integrate the basic compliance mechanisms into our daily operations by setting goals and targets with clear evaluation processes. We also require that all employees have agreed with our internal Code of Conduct.  

On a strategic level, we strive to be an active voice in the public debate about circular economy. Our arguments for a more ambitious legal framework promoting circular economy illustrates our strategic position where we strive to go beyond compliance. 


To harmonise and benefit from our size, we have established Group Functions to coordinate our sustainability ambitions across the country borders. Each group function is responsible for the actualization and implementation of their own strategic targets and goals in relation to each specific significant topic.  

In order to coordinate the governance of Ragn-Sells there is a cross group organization in both Group Functions and Function Domains. Sustainability is part of the SCR&PA (Sustainability Corporate Responsibility & Public Affair) group function. Reporting regarding sustainability performance is done on a monthly basis to the executive leadership team (ELT) and on a quarterly basis to RSFAB (Group Board). Our sustainability department is headed by our Sustainability and Public Affairs Manager, who has the general responsibility to overview the Group’s overall sustainability performance. 

The economic planning is done through the group strategy, respective business planning, and budgeting. Steering and follow-up is performed in our business units through specific KPIs and certain targets per country. Deviations from set targets lead to specific action plans that are followed up at the specific business unit level. 

Membership of associations 

  • BIR (Bureau of International Recycling) 
  • ETRA (European Tyre Recycling)
  • ERFO (European Recovery Fuel Organization) 
  • FEAD (European Federation of Waste Management)
  • SIWI (Stockholm International Water Institute)
  • EuRIC (European Recycling Industries)
  • ÅI (The Swedish Recycling Industries’ Association)
  • ICC (International Chamber of Commerce)  

Sweden: ISO 45001 Occupational health and safety, ISO 9001 Quality management and ISO 14001 Environmental management. 
Norway: ISO 45001 Occupational health and safety, ISO 9001 Quality management, ISO 14001 Environmental management and 26000 Social Responsibility. 
Estonia: ISO 45001 Occupational health and safety, ISO 9001 Quality management and ISO 14001 Environmental management. 
Denmark: ISO 9001 Quality management and ISO 14001 Environmental management, and soon also in ISO 45001 Occupational health and safety. 


“We will be climate positive in 2030 through innovative circular solutions that both detoxify and recycle back critical resources to society”

Lars Lindén, Ragn-Sells Group CEO