One year as a Young Professional at Ragn-Sells 

Ragn-Sells’ Young Professionals programme offers a rewarding, broad-based career start at the company. In June 2021, the programme ended for three more young engineers who are now continuing to work full-time in their roles as Production Engineers at Ragn-Sells Sweden.

24 Jun 2021

The programme runs for 10 months and participants have access to a mentor each and the opportunity to participate in various projects at the plants. Engineers Alexander, Sofie and Jonathan have been asked to answer three questions about their experiences and impressions.

What were the biggest surprises of the programme?

– How different the waste sector is from what I have seen in other sectors in the past. Another big surprise was how flexible the company is, with ideas quickly being given a hearing and actually being implemented.

– How short the decision-making chain is within the company. During the trainee programme, I have been involved in projects ranging from an idea from an employee to a finished process in which money was requested through the Business Sweden. I think it’s great to see that the company is so willing to accept new ideas and test them out.

– I felt that I quickly gained a lot of confidence and was given interesting, challenging tasks on which I was able to exert real influence.

Jonathan, Sofie, and Alexander have attended Ragn-Sells career programme. Jonathan, Sofie, and Alexander have attended Ragn-Sells career programme.

What are the most important lessons you will take with you in your career?

– The most important lesson is that knowledge gained during studies is relatively insignificant compared to the knowledge gained from working and that you have to accept that different businesses have their specific niches.

– My year as a trainee was really coloured by the pandemic and the new ways of working that it brought with it. Being flexible and having good meeting skills has probably never been more important when you are in a meeting with people in the office, out at the plants, in your home office, in your car, etc.

– To ask for help and advice when in doubt. Try to take it easy when things go wrong. Dare to enter into discussions, take a seat and ask questions.

What were the highlights of the YP programme?

– The highlights of the programme were the times we YPs were able to meet each other in person, such as the intro days. It has also been really fun to have an internship, so you get a better understanding of the business.

– During part of my internship last autumn at our ash sorting line, I learned how to drive a wheel loader. Driving a big machine while listening to classical music on the radio is something I won’t easily forget.

– To be part of the exciting project in which we are looking at outlets for washed fly ash. I was a central part of this and one of the aims is to investigate the potential uses of the washed ash. During the project I came into contact with many fun and inspiring colleagues.


Facts about the Young Professionals programme

  • Recruitment to the programme takes place in the spring.
  • The programme runs from August to June.
  • The number of participants depends on the needs of the organisation. So far it has been three.
  • The programme is aimed at graduate engineers with a specialisation in the environment or equivalent, or graduates in the fields of IT, engineering, or economics.