Fredrik Rönnqvist, terminal director for the container terminal at Yilport in Gävle port and Alexander Nyberg, section manager at Ragn-Sells

Ragn-Sells helps port operator Yilport in its environmental management

The international company Yilport is the largest operator in Gävle port and is also responsible for the operational running of the port. Ragn-Sells has been managing the waste from the port since 2015, a commission which takes place in close dialogue with Yilport in order to increase the amount of sorting and reduce the number of transports. Ragn-Sells also performs several other services, thus assisting Yilport in its environmental management.

17 Oct 2019

Yilport has been the largest operator in Gävle port since 2015 and is responsible for the operational running of both the bulk port and the container terminal, through a concession agreement with the municipally owned Gävle Port.

­”Yilport is an international company with roots in Turkey. We have an ambitious growth target to be the world’s largest terminal operator by 2025. Gävle port is a major export port and Sweden’s third largest container terminal,” says Fredrik Rönnkvist, terminal director for the container terminal at Yilport in Gävle.

All waste that is generated in the one million square metre port area has been managed by Ragn-Sells since 2015.

”All waste is dealt with by Ragn-Sells in the close collaboration we have with them. When it comes to our waste, the bulk of it consists of wood and timber that is used to hold loads in place and keep freight off the ground. However, there are also fractions from the workshops, oil filters, hydraulic hoses, consumables and some hazardous waste.”

Collaboration in close dialogue

When Yilport took over operation of the port it also inherited a number of environmental permits that have to be observed. The self-inspections are followed up on a continuous basis in dialogue with Ragn-Sells, oil separators for example.

”We empty Yilport’s oil separators and help them with the self-inspections. We also assist with testing the oil separators. This is one of our largest customers in Gävle and the collaboration takes place in close dialogue. We have contact on an almost daily basis with both our own managers and those at Yilport, who take care of various parts of the operation. It sometimes puts us to the test as it is an extensive operation, which also means that we have to develop at Ragn-Sells. It’s great that we have been entrusted with this confidence,” says Alexander Nyberg, section manager for the central/eastern region at Ragn-Sells.

Geographically, Ragn-Sells’ facility in Gävle is close to Yilport’s operation.

”It is a clear benefit as if, for example, something urgent happens, we can be on site quickly to assist Yilport. We also help them with problems in properties and with drainage. In this context it is very important that the infrastructure, which is spread over a very large area, functions as it should at all times, without interruption. It is important not least for the environment.”

Working towards circularity

Yilport feels that having a partner that can be on site quickly and that can assist with many different types of services is a strength.

”We have requirements 365 days of the year and when something happens, it is important to have someone who can act rapidly and maintain the level of service, which Ragn-Sells does,” Fredrik Rönnkvist says.

The ships in the port area are emptied at intervals that are continually being adjusted in order to cut down on transportation.

”The waste is managed in constant dialogue between us, and we help the customer to sort correctly in order to work towards the circular economy,” Alexander Nyberg says.

Yilport uses Ragn-Sells’ waste statistics in its annual environmental reporting.

”We have a dialogue in advance of our annual report where Ragn-Sells helps us to produce the figures and statistics we need. They assist us with a lot of our environmental management.”