Eva Bivall’s interest in nature and the environment is in her blood.

The environmental manager who became change manager

From environmental manager with the cutting-edge expertise to change manager for the New Horizon project. Eva Bivall is proof that it is possible to change direction within Ragn-Sells and take on new challenges. ”Ragn-Sells demonstrates that if you want to take part and deliver then there are opportunities to find new jobs and challenges,” she says.

07 Mar 2018

“I was born and grew up in close proximity to nature and it has always been an obvious and important part of my life. I have been involved in environmental issues throughout my professional life,” Eva says.

Her first job after her studies was at the Environmental Protection Agency, where she was tasked with making an inventory of chemicals within the industry.

”As an aside, I finished the job ahead of time and went and browsed through the Agency’s stock of publications. There I found one of the Agency’s reports which opened my eyes to the fact that what human beings are doing to the environment can be measured, that it can actually also usually be rectified and that this can also be measured. That’s the sort of thing that stays with you and which I still think is very interesting, particularly perceiving connections. And then, of course, that it is human beings who cause it, but who can also put it right. I still have the publication (Monitor 1988, for those who are interested).”

Wanted to work with waste

After many years at the Environmental Protection Agency, Eva subsequently worked with environmental protection at the County Administrative Boards in Stockholm and Gotland counties.

”I wanted to do something new, something I wasn’t able to do previously, and asked if I could work with waste issues. In connection with that, a Ragn-Sells facility ended up on my desk. I met some nice people from Ragn-Sells, and that’s how it went. To start with, I worked with permit applications for our major plants,” Eva says.

The desire to constantly learn new things, preferably in new roles, is a strong driving force in Eva. Over the years she has worked in various roles within the environmental organisation, most recently as environmental manager for the Swedish company.

Changing direction

In August she took up her new position as change manager within the New Horizon project.
“When New Horizon started I was asked to lead the change project. The project was looking for someone with good business knowledge and who was structured, and that sounded like me.”

“I come from a situation where I have had answers to questions, where I have had cutting-edge expertise and felt secure. I am now completely changing direction and getting into things where I don’t have specialised knowledge or experience, but where I can use my other qualities, such as the desire to get things done and the insight that collaboration with skilled colleagues is everything. And that is so great!”

She views her change of career within Ragn-Sells as a good example of the potential to develop within the group.
”Ragn-Sells demonstrates that if you want to take part and deliver then there are opportunities to find new jobs and challenges. I think it’s fantastic.”


Facts: Eva Bivall

Age: 53
Lives: In Håbo-Tibble in Upplands-Bro outside Stockholm, cottage in Hällefors
Family: Husband, three children, dog
Interests: ”I am out in the wilds all the time”.