Ragn-Sells in the Bonn UN expert meeting

Ragn-Sells mission to support to the Global Sustainability Goals with a resource focus, instead of a waste focus, has been recognized by the UN.

12 Jun 2018

The 24th COP meeting will be held in Katowice, Poland, in December 2018, but negotiations are ongoing between the annual COP meetings all thru the year. One of these recurring occasions of great importance to the process, is the Bonn meeting. This year, for the first time, waste management was a key topic for the negotiations.

Dr Graham Aid, Research & Development, Ragn-Sells Dr Graham Aid, Research & Development, Ragn-Sells

Representing Ragn-Sells in the Bonn meeting was Dr Graham Aid from our Research & Development function. The expert meeting was held between 1-2 May, 2018.

Attached you can find the white paper we shared in Bonn.