Ragn-Sells divests its Latvian operations

On January 2, Ragn-Sells sold 100 per cent of its Latvian activities. The disposal is part of the new strategy at Ragn-Sells to focus on changing over to a circular economy. After this transaction, Ragn-Sells will no longer have a presence in Latvia.

08 Jan 2018

"The new corporate strategy of Ragn-Sells is to focus the conversion to a circular economy. The sale of our Latvian activities contributes to a greater focus on the strategy," says Lars Lindén, Managing Director and Group CEO for the Ragn-Sells Group.

Waste constitutes a resource today that clearly has a value of its own. The new business model of Ragn-Sells is thus exiting from the material and consists of three business areas: Recycling, Treatment and Detox and New value chains. The goal is a circular economy in which the used material finds new utility and thus reduces the need to extract virgin raw materials.

"The way we live today is built on the unsustainable use of natural resources. Ragn-Sells is contributing to increasingly more resources coming back into circulation," says Lars Lindén.

The Latvian company has 93 employees and a turnover of SEK 46 million in 2016. The purchaser is the company's present Managing Director, Agris Markss. The business will continue to operate under a different name, with no connection to Ragn-Sells.

After this sale, Ragn-Sells will no longer have activities in Latvia. The group is currently active in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Poland and Estonia.