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Ragn-Sells in various podcasts

Are you interested in circular society? Do you want to keep track of Ragn-Sells' key issues and learn more about how we contribute to a more sustainable society? In these radio programs and podcasts, some of Ragn-Sells’ employees are interviewed to talk about how we, by utilizing resources and increasing the recycling of materials – enable a transition to a circular economy.

05 Feb 2021


A Travel Companion
Pär Larshans, Head of Sustainability at Ragn-Sells, talks about waste and recycling, Ragn-Sells' history and how we manage the Corona situation.
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In this podcast, Pär Larshans, Head of Sustainability at Ragn-Sells, talks about the transition to a circular economy.
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Podcast in Estonian:

Avameelselt inimeste juhtimisest 
Rain Vääna, CEO Ragn-Sells Estonia, is one of the highest-rated employers on the market. Rain shares his thoughts on how to create a powerful and creative team, how to build employee satisfaction, push the team limits and handle the pressure.
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Mis saab kodustest pakenditest  - täna ja tulevikus
The goal is that 50 % of the household waste should be reused as a material. What are the main issues to increase reusing? How does this work today and what will happen in the future? Listen to the interview with Rainer Pesti, Marketing & Communication Manager Ragn-Sells Estonia.

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Lavajutud: Kas elektriveok on valmis igapäevaseks tööks
Is Electric transport ready to take over the transport sector today? Will future transportation be fully electric? Interview with Rainer Pesti, Marketing & Communication Manager at Ragn-Sells Estonia.
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Ringmajandus Eestis
Rain Vääna, CEO Ragn-Sells Estonia, and other entrepreneurs discuss Circular Economy in Estonia. How does t affects business and the economy? And what are the new possibilities and value chains?
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Podcast in Norwegian:

Vidar S. Olsen, CEO Ragn-Sells Norway, talks about a company that is willing to test and invest in new technology. It also includes investing in a generational change.
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Podcasts in Swedish:

Bättre tillsammans
Is a transformation of society into a circular economy crucial on the road to a sustainable world? Hear Pär Larshans answer in Upplands-Bro municipality's podcast "Bättre tillsammans". 
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Interview with Patrik Enfält, one of the founders of Ragn-Sells’ innovation company EasyMining. The podcast discusses new technology for extracting the important plant nutrients phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen. 
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Mikael Hedström, Business Area Manager Treatment & Detox at Ragn-Sells Sweden, explains the concept of a circular economy, new technologies and how society can change. 
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"Shop or Stop? - om framtidens shopping"
In this podcast Älskade Stad - a collaboration for less traffice in the cities together with Bring - is highlighted as a successful project that more people should follow.
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