How to make the waste hierarchy circular

On June 20th, 2018, Ragn-Sells had the honor to invite a round table meeting about how we make the waste hierarchy circular. Keynote Speaker for the day was no less than the founder of the waste hierarchy, Dr Ad Lansink. Below you can read a summary of the day, see Mr. Lansink's speech and download the documentation from all the speakers.

27 Jun 2018

Dear friends, partners and ambassadors in the journey towards a detoxified circular future.

First of all, thank you to our co-hosts, the Embassy of the Netherlands and Cradlenet in their contribution to the success of this event.

The speakers’ presentations and your contribution will help us with important input to our business development, as well as insights to bring with us to the UN High Level Political Forum (the SDG business forum 17th of July in New York). Especially what we will address to the heads of state and/or their representatives in the session Innovation & Leadership.

In this short summary of the roundtable you can hear some of the speakers and guests give their first impression what is needed going forward. If I summarize what has been said under the day in one phrase it would be: Resource focus is crucial to achieve the Paris agreement and collaboration between politics, business and society is key in order to create a detoxified circular world.

Above you find the speech from Dr Ad Lansink, and you can find out more about his work on his web site www.challengingchanges.org/

All documents and presentations you can download below.

We are always open to discuss how we can succeed in creating circularity because we know we need to do this together.  


Lars Lindén, CEO Ragn-Sells and Pär Larshans, Head of Sustainability Ragn-Sells

For more information, contact Pär Larshans, par.larshans@ragnsells.com or via +46107232693

Download the presentations from the day:

1. Dr Ad Lansink - Challenging Changes.pdf

2. Karin Medin - Söderenergi.pdf | Summary Söderenergi and 2050s rapport.pdf

3. Graham Aid - Ragn-Sells.pdf

4. Robert Westerdahl - Material Economics.pdf

5. Rutger Oorsprong - Dutch Embassy.pdf