Graham Aid’s role as coordinator within research and development makes him an important hub at Ragn-Sells.

He is important for Ragn-Sells’ future

As both research and development coordinator and strategist in the Ragn-Sells group, Graham Aid is involved in many aspects that concern the company’s future. ”It is an incredibly enjoyable and exciting job with no two days the same”, he says.

21 Feb 2019

Graham Aid came to Sweden in 2006 from his homeland, the USA, when he started his post-graduate education in environmental engineering and industrial ecology at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm.
– I did my degree project at a subsidiary of Ragn-Sells in 2007 and subsequently studied for my PhD within industrial symbiosis together with the organisation that is now called Ragn-Sells Recyclables. I currently have a joint position, working on both research and development and strategy, Graham says.

In his role as coordinator within research and development, Graham is an important hub.
– We work on lots of exciting and interesting projects, and even though I can’t get involved in all of them, I am the contact point for them. For example, finding resources for new ideas and projects. I also manage collaborations with research institutes and universities so that we are at the forefront in helping to apply the research in reality.

Desire to find new value chains

Research and Development is simultaneously engaged in a number of parallel projects within several different areas.
– It is incredibly exciting and highly enjoyable to have the opportunity to work on development of future products and services. I work in relation to numerous industries and with many different types of material. So no two days are the same.

As Graham’s PhD is within industrial symbiosis, the work of finding new value chains and collaborations is close to his heart.
– Being innovative with other parties and finding new products together is very rewarding.

Implementing strategy

In 2017 Ragn-Sells adopted a new strategy within the group and Graham spends half his time implementing it.
– I have performed in-depth analyses, principally in the digitalisation of the company, but I also hold workshops in subjects such as water and productification. During 2019 there will also be a major focus on the climate and the Paris Agreement.

Graham also participates in the Ragn-Sells Academy’s Step Up programme, which is offered to leaders and key individuals within the company.
– Major development opportunities are available here, it’s great, Graham says.