Ragn-Sells takes its commitment to gender diversity and equality seriously.
Ragn-Sells takes its commitment to gender diversity and equality seriously.

Why gender equality and diversity is so important to Ragn-Sells

By 2030, Ragn-Sells aims to have 50% women and 50% men in leadership roles within the company. According to Linnéa Sellberg, Project Manager at Ragn-Sells Sweden and as well as the granddaughter of the group’s founder, the company’s leadership considers it paramount for success.

14 Apr 2022

– We want a workforce that reflects the society we’re working in, to get different perspectives, so that we don't have a unified group where everybody thinks the same, because that won’t move us forward, says Sellberg.

The issue of diversity and equality was initially made a priority for the group by board member Gertrud Jackson, the daughter of Ragnar Sellberg who shaped the modern Ragn-Sells already back in the sixties. The fact is, Ragn-Sells operates in a predominantly male-dominated field. However, the group is working on setting an example for new standards in the industry. The journey to the 2030 goal has been broken down into different phases. By 2025, women should make up 40% of the succession planning team and 30% of the leadership positions.

Linnéa Sellberg Linnéa Sellberg, Project Manager at Ragn-Sells Sweden.

Along with the directive on gender equality, Ragn-Sells is also making strides to build a more culturally diverse workforce. Sellberg explains both efforts immensely benefit the company because they provide more variety in viewpoints in discussions that shape the company’s future.

– We believe that having a workforce that reflects the diversity in society will help us get a broader perspective within the company, and it will also show both potential employees and existing employees that we are open to different people of different backgrounds, genders, sexual orientations and ages, she explains.

A multigenerational workplace is also an important part of Ragn-Sells’ new mission. Sellberg believes that much can be gained from having older, more experienced personnel combined with younger professionals who can offer fresh perspectives.

For all those reasons, the company is taking a more active approach to the recruitment process, adapting, and testing new platforms to reach candidates that it would have missed with its traditional methods to fill job openings. 

– I think a lot of the work is just trying to figure out how we reach as many people as possible so that we get applicants that are not the typical person, says Sellberg.

She notes, however, that while there will be a focus on diversity, qualifications play an important role. Individuals who apply must also have the relevant qualifications for the advertised post.

And the mission of equality is not just geared towards attracting new talent. There is also a strong focus on creating a workplace culture that accepts and celebrates differences, so current and future employees feel welcome. 

– We need to show that we are an interesting company to work for. If people of different backgrounds or a different gender feel like they won’t be welcomed here at Ragn-Sells, we won’t get the best talent. We want everybody to feel that they can apply to work with us.