Environmental services in a changing world

Ragn-Sells provides environmental services in a rapidly changing world and, with over 100 years of experience in waste management, it is primed to help companies fulfil their obligations to the planet.

09 Sep 2021

Ragn-Sells has been featured in the September issue of Sustainability Magazine (2021)

In this interview, Pär Larshans –  Sustainability Director at Ragn-Sells – describes how the company has become a trail-blazer for environmental services, waste management and recycling. He also explains how the organisation has been primarily motivated by the opportunity to make a positive difference.

- We saw that the world was transforming at a rapid pace. Even though we had been in operation since 1881, it was clear that we would have to change and become a frame of reference to everyone else. Transporting waste wasn’t good enough anymore, because we were going from linear to circular, and that means no waste at all. Subsequently, all the new innovations we had been developing suddenly became a genuine possibility, says Larshans.

Sustainability Magazine’s John Pinching reflects on the interview: “Pär is a luminary when it comes to waste management and has a long history of thinking outside the box in terms of sustainability. The work he is doing at Ragn-Sells is fundamentally shifting perceptions about our wider environment and enabling other companies to become pioneers in sustainability.”

John added: “The Ragn-Sells philosophy is all about joint-working; realising that something as all-encompassing as waste management can only be achieved in partnership. For instance, BIOFOS is involved with the company’s development of a nitrogen removal solution. Meanwhile, Alfa Laval is the company’s technical partner in the development of both the nitrogen and the phosphorus extraction solution.

Ragn-Sells - No time to waste in the circle of life

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