A circular economy will help the planet heal - or the importance of enabling the use of circular and detoxified nutrients

Recording of the EAT@Home Side Session 17th December

Ragn-Sells innovation company EasyMining has developed solutions for detoxifying and recirculating both phosphorus and nitrogen with a low carbon footprint. The challenge is that these recycled products cannot be used with current EU-legislation. On that topic, Pär Larshans, Ragn-Sells, and Anna Lundbom, EasyMining, participated at EAT’s digital event EAT@Home on the 17th of December, 2020.

01 Dec 2020

On 17th of December Pär Larshans, Sustainability Director at Ragn-Sells together with Anna Lundbom, head of Marketing at EasyMining, took part in EAT’s digital event, EAT@Home. The side session “A circular economy to help the planet heal” involved members of the European Parliament, scientists, retailers and the solution providers doing a deep dive into the problem. But more important – discussing how a way forward is possible by changing the legislation from today’s linear fossil dependent world into tomorrow’s circular and low carbon future.



Asger Christensen, Member of the Parlament for Danmarks Liberale Parti and apart of the Renew Europe Group

Magnus Ek, Member of Parliament for the Swedish Centre Party. He is the Centre Party’s spokesperson on environmental policies as well as foreign development policies.

Kristina Atkisson, Programme Manager Baltic Stewardship Initiative, WWF

Dr. Fabrice DeClerck, Director of Science at EAT and Senior Scientist for Agrobiodiversity, Ecosystem Services and Resilience at Bioversity International.

See the recording of the event below.

Recording from 17th December, 2020

About EasyMining

When EasyMining's Ash2Phos process was invented, it was a completely new way to produce a pure, recycled phosphorus fertilizer from sewage sludge. The innovation company has subsequently continued to invent new technologies where intelligent, chemical solutions are used to recover important materials from waste. The detoxified recycled materials can then be reintroduced into the cycle.

Technologies which supports the planetary challenges
EasyMining has applied the work of producing new innovations to different materials and has several other patents besides Ash2Phos. CleanMAP is a technology that makes the production of the commercial fertiliser MAP (monoammonium phosphate) more efficient. In the Ash2Salt process, the fly ash is washed, and three commercial salts are extracted from the wash liquid. In Project N, nitrogen is extracted from ammonium-rich water through a circular chemical method to be used in fertilizers.

Visit easymining.se for more information

What is EAT@Home?

EAT@Home is EAT’s transition from traditional Food Forums to a virtual convening on the journey towards the UN Food Systems Summit in fall 2021. The digital gathering has been launched in November 2020 and bring together some of the leading thinkers, leaders, decision-makers, and people from around the world to have conversations on how we can fix the global food system. The convening will consist of two main elements: live broadcasts and side sessions, facilitated with partners. EAT@Home is designed to align with and contribute to the UN Summit, in which EAT executive chair Gunhild Stordalen has been tasked with leading the action track dedicated to Shifting to Sustainable Consumption Patterns.

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