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Daniel Boman works as a Chemical Process Development Engineer at Ragn-Sells´ innovation company EasyMining.

”Meaningful to work with social development”

In his role as an engineer within chemical process development at Ragn-Sells´ innovation company EasyMining, Daniel Boman is involved in designing the material recovery processes of the future. "Recycling nutrients is a key prerequisite for us to be able to have a functioning society in the future," he says.

24 Apr 2020

Daniel Boman graduated from Uppsala University as a chemical engineer.

– My sights were originally set on the pharmaceutical industry, but during my studies I started to perceive interesting aspects within materials chemistry. Instead I focused on sustainable development and renewable energy, he says.

Both during and after the course, he worked on development and production of solar cells and commuted between working in Sweden and in China. In January 2019 Daniel started work at EasyMining's plant in Uppsala as an engineer within chemical process development.

– I wanted to continue in the greentech sector and EasyMining was completely in line with what I wanted to do; to work innovatively in a small organisation where you can be involved in the entire process and not become locked in a specific compartment.

Meaningful to work with recycling

Thus far, Daniel has worked mainly on EasyMining's patented Ash2Phos process.

– This has included putting a lot of work into taking lab and pilot data from the process and simulating and modelling it into a full-scale process for use as an upscaling tool for factories.

The Ash2Phos process extracts phosphorus from ash from sewage sludge in order to recycle it and reintroduce important nutrients to the cycle.

– I view the development of the greentech sector as a fundamental prerequisite for us to be able to continue to have the advanced civilisation that we have today. If we don't start returning important substances to the cycle, regardless of whether it involves nutrients or industrial metals, we are going to have to adjust our high standard of living. Recycling is a key prerequisite for us to be able to have a functioning society in the future - this concerns social development. My work therefore feels very meaningful.

Can have an influence

Daniel regards being part of a developing innovation company as something positive.

– We are in constant development and I rarely do the same thing twice, which makes the work highly varied. At EasyMining you are involved in influencing and developing the organisation as it grows and takes on more processes. We are constantly developing new processes in which we are noting a major interest. We are developing an important part of the forthcoming social development," Daniel says.

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