Questions & answers about the corona virus situation

How society is affected by the corona virus can cause concern. We at the environmental company Ragn-Sells have contingency plans to keep the business running as far as possible if employees get sick or have to stay home. We maintain an ongoing dialogue with our customers and always follow the recommendations of the responsible authorities.

06 Mar 2020

Updated on 16/12 2020 at 09:00

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1. Can Ragn-Sells perform their tasks despite the situation around the corona virus?
Yes we can. All site managers have contingency plans to be able to adapt the business so that we can continue to deliver even if we have employees that must stay home. We know that many of our customers themselves are affected by the situation in different ways and have an ongoing dialogue with them.
The situation right now is unique in the way it is affecting very large parts of society. We ask all customers to help us take on the shared responsibility for managing the situation as well as possible, through dialogue and by sharing information with us.

2. Has Ragn-Sells changed anything in its way of carrying out the assignments?
Safety always comes first for us. To help limit the spread of the infection, we have introduced new guidelines, such as for example limiting physical contact and replacing travel with online meetings. Most customer assignments are performed in much the same way as usual. 

3. I am a customer and feel worried, what should I do?
We understand that the changing situation can be a source of concern. Feel free to contact your regular contact person at Ragn-Sells.
If you are not sure of who to turn to, you can email our Customer Service and we will connect you with the right person. Contact information can be found on the local Ragn-Sells websites for each respective country.

4. Do you have a plan for replacing absent employees?
We always work to ensure good staffing in the business. In addition, due to the situation around the corona virus, all site managers have prepared contingency plans to keep the work going if employees have to stay home.

5. Have you introduced any specific guidelines for assignments where your employees have close contact with customers?
All of us needs to help limit the spread of the infection. Our guidelines state, among other things, that we should avoid physical contact, and as far as possible replace onsite meetings with online meetings. Although many of our assignments do not usually include close physical contact with the customers.

6. Do you plan to close any business?
No, we do not plan to close any business. Our job is to keep the business running as usual. Much of what we do is crucial to other companies as well as the local community, and it is important that we do everything to make it work even in this unusual situation.

7. My company is a customer of Ragn-Sells, and we are currently affected so much right now that we cannot use the service. What can be done?
We recommend that you get in touch with your regular contact person at Ragn-Sells. We all have a responsibility to limit the effects of the current situation and together investigate what options that are available.

8. Do you have quarantined employees right now?
Safety always comes first for us at Ragn-Sells. This applies to our employees as well as our customers and the community around us. Therefore, all employees who have symptoms of infection have to stay at home. And employees who can work from home are encouraged to do so to further limit the risk of the infection spreading.

Ragn-Sells is currently present in four countries – Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Estonia. The situation in the different countries differs in part, but we follow developments continuously and always follow the recommendations of the responsible authorities.

Links to the local authorities:
• Sweden, Krisinformation för svenska myndigheter
• Norway, Folkehelseinstituttet
• Denmark, Sundhedsstyrelsen
• Estonia, Terviseamet