Challenging the perspective of waste in our new campaign

Ragn-Sells has launched the brand campaign 'What a Waste!' with the aim of challenging the view on waste and driving the transition towards a circular society.

20 Nov 2023

In a world where unused resources in waste are lost, Ragn-Sells aims to inspire a new understanding of waste and encourage the transition to a circular economy with the campaign "What a Waste!"

Cecilia Zarbell, Communication and Brand Manager at Ragn-Sells, emphasises the importance of reevaluating our perspective on waste:

- If we are serious about creating a sustainable society, we must use the raw materials we already have, over and over again. But this requires a completely new view of waste. With the 'What a Waste!' campaign, we want to inspire more people to embrace a circular mindset.

When products are consumed, they become waste and often contain valuable raw materials that can be reused. At the same time, the UN points out that half of the world's carbon emissions and 90 percent of threats to biodiversity result from the constant pursuit of new raw materials rather than utilising existing ones.

- What a Waste! Our waste is a treasure trove filled with valuable raw materials that can be recycled. But to take advantage of these, we must reconsider our view of waste as a sustainable source of raw materials. Today, it is cheaper to extract new raw materials than to use those that already exist, and this needs to change, says Cecilia Zarbell.