Älskade stad goes live in Norway

Ragn-Sells, Bring and KLP Eiendom has launched the concept Älskade stad in Oslo under the name Elskede By. The collaboration was launched on April 8 with the purpose to reduce traffic and create a better environment in Oslo.

11 Apr 2019

Elskede by is a smart and sustainable initiative to transport parcels, goods and waste in the city center with small electric vehicles. The concept has been active in Stockholm since January 2017 in a similar way and is about to start in Malmö before the summer. The goal of the concept is less emissions, less noise, less traffic and a better atmosphere.

Elskede by was inaugurated by Oslo municipality councilor Raymond Johansen and representatives of the swedish Älskade stad were also in place to congratulate the colleagues and partners in Oslo.

– When we know that the transport sector accounts for 55 per cent of the emissions, it is very positive to see three large business actors work together to reduce traffic and contribute to cleaner air in Oslo, says Raymond Johansen.

The concept started in Stockholm under the name Älskade stad by Ragn-Sells and Bring as primary suppliers together with Vasakronan and Stockholm city.
Elskede by will have a joint logistic center in Posten Norway’s previous letter center which is now owned by KLP.