A circular economy requires collaborative leadership

A part of the Ragn-Sells group’s strategy is to only work with circular business models. A major focus is placed on leadership, and on using a collaborative form of leadership to change the corporate culture. Great importance is consequently placed on trusting collaborations, which are considered necessary in a circular economy.

12 Jul 2018

An important aspect of Ragn-Sells’ strategy for the future – besides being a leader in guiding society into a circular economy – is to establish a cultural change through collaborative leadership.

– We feel that collaborative leadership and effective collaboration is a necessity for us to achieve our circular objectives. Creating a working culture where we are all pulling in the same direction, regardless of role or country in which you work, is a prerequisite for success. Getting there will demand leaders with the right skills who are part of the journey of change,” says Susanne Schumann, HR Director within Ragn-Sells.

Understand different needs
In Sweden we have for some years been working with the Ragn-Sells Academy and the Radical Collaboration program, in which leaders and key employees have had the opportunity to participate. The purpose is to understand the requirements and expectations placed on the leadership, to increase self-awareness and to build trusting relationships through using the tools and methods offered in the program. The aim is to develop leaders who in turn create a trusting, sustainable and developing working environment. The program is now expanding and being offered to leaders throughout the group as a whole.

– As organisations become more and more complex, it is increasingly important to collaborate. As a leader you have to understand that all people react differently, to change for example, and that recognising and managing that fact, and perceiving different needs, is a prerequisite for good leadership, Susanne Schumann says.

Susanne Schumann, HR Director, Ragn-Sells Group Susanne Schumann, HR Director, Ragn-Sells Group

The key to success
A collaborative working climate is based on all employees taking responsibility for themselves and understanding what is accepted and what is not accepted in the corporate culture, and also acting according to the regulations that are in place. Getting there requires a change in the leadership, with the leaders focusing on collaboration and setting clear goals to create a safe and sustainable working environment.

– Collaborative leadership is the key to success when working in groups that have a wide range and a large geographic distribution. It is important to be able to concentrate your efforts on the right things at the right moment, with the right skills and a clear objective. This is achieved with collaborative leadership and will ensure that our ‘One Company’ vision is attained at full strength, says Lars Lindén, CEO of Ragn-Sells Group.