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Framtidsdagen 2022 (Future Day)

In collaboration with Ragnar Sellberg's Foundation, once a year Ragn-Sells invite customers and stakeholders to a half-day seminar to discus trends, new technology and innovations within recycling and circular economy. We call it - Framtidsdagen (Future Day)

On the 9th of Sebtember 2022, Framtidsdagen took place for the 17th time at Ragn-Sells' conference facility Sätra Gård in Upplands-Bro. 

How do you step into the circular future? What needs to change, and where to start?

This year, we focused on what awaits around the corner in a time when the circular economy will soon permeate the whole of society. We started in plastic recycling - with a focus on the latest research and good examples. We went through trends and examples in Sweden and around the world of circular solutions which really pave the way for the material supply of the future.

Framtidsdagen 2022 broadcast (3 h)

Martyna Solis, PhD student at the Technical University of Denmark (in English)

Kenneth Kaasgaard, Sales and Marketing Manager Ragn-Sells Denmark (in English)