Sustainability highlights 2021

During 2021, the 2020 sustainability strategy, guided our work approach towards sustainability and a fully circular economy

New target to meet gender equality

50/50 gender balance in all leadership positions and leadership functions by 2030

Safety - a top priority

New Safety Board and a reporting system for workplace safety established

The Oil Shale Ash project

Producing clean carbon negative calcium carbonate from oil shale ashes


Ragn-Sells hosted 15 sessions at the UN climate conference on the topic of circular material flows

Stakeholder analysis and engagement

Questionnaire sent to 346 stakeholders, 10 indepth interviews and roundtable discussion with six key stakeholders

Our sustainability goals

7 sustainability goals to be achieved by 2030

88% electric cars

We increased the number of electrified vehicles in our fleet of company cars with 14% from 2020

Best Managed Companies

Ragn-Sells was named as one of Best Managed Companies 2021

Sustainable learning

Ragn-Sells Academy incorporated a new learning journey model for employee education


Test showed that phosphorus recovered from incinerated sewage sludge works as a feed phosphate


Strengthening a system-wide culture of safety

Through group-wide initiatives, like instituting a new reporting tool and adding a new metric to measure progress, Ragn-Sells continues to shape a culture of safety across all levels. One with the goal to become the industry leader in workplace safety by 2030 and built on a foundation of mutual trust and collaboration.
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Successful circularity means collaboration and change

Pivoting away from a linear economy to a sustainable society requires developing new value chains, the full frameworks of steps businesses take to conceive and deliver products. Ragn-Sells is committed to the shift towards a circular economy. And to do that, the company must forge new partnerships and develop new business models. Read more


Working towards gender equality and diversity

Ragn-Sells takes its commitment to gender diversity and equality seriously. By 2030 Ragn-Sells aims to have 50% women and 50% men in leadership roles within the company. And, as one member of the Ragn-Sells community explains, it’s a goal critical to the company’s future.
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Diversity and inclusion as assets

Ragn-Sells believes it’s essential to have a diverse workforce and inclusive culture. But working in a traditionally male-dominated industry can make that challenging and thus all the more necessary. Ragn-Sells views diversity and inclusion as vital resources. It aims for a diverse workforce at all levels and positions. Read more


Ragn-Sells Academy 560x400.jpg

Establishing a culture of learning

In order to lay the foundation of competencies and expertise necessary for future success, Ragn-Sells needs to enable its employees to develop their skills and grow professionally within the company. In 2021, Ragn-Sells Academy began actively incorporating a learning journey model for employee education.
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One year as a Young Professional at Ragn-Sells

Ragn-Sells’ Young Professionals programme offers a rewarding, broad-based career start at the company. In June 2021, the programme ended for three young engineers who are now continuing to work full-time in their roles as Production Engineers at Ragn-Sells Sweden.

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Construction of a new plant takes shape

Fly ash is formed when flue gases from waste incineration are cleaned. The 300,000 tonnes of fly ash produced in Sweden each year contain large amounts of valuable raw materials such as potassium, sodium, and calcium in salt form. With the Ash2Salt technology, developed by Ragn-Sells' innovation company EasyMining, an average of 200 kg of salts per tonne of ash can be extracted. Read more


With 90% lower carbon footprint

Together with GC Rieber Salt, a Nordic distributor of salts, Ragn-Sells have entered a partnership for the sale of salts recovered from fly ash from waste incineration. Through the collaboration we can offer the market several different high-quality salts, with a carbon footprint that is one tenth compared to traditional production. Read more