Value creation and Innovation

Through different types of research and innovation projects we develop, implement, and improve approaches to resource management aiming to detoxify and maintain the value of societies circular resources. We develop resource-focused circular processes in close collaboration with universities, research institutes, customers, and other stakeholders in society.

We also actively support cooperation through multi-sector symbiosis exploration. Our facilities provide good opportunities to develop and test new methods and solutions in practice, and we have an established position as a market leader and a trusted partner regarding innovation and business adaptation.

Our innovation companies

EasyMining is a Ragn-Sells subsidiary that has developed and provided innovative solutions for safe and efficient recovery of nutrients from waste. EasyMining has developed several patented processes. The Ash2Phos process recovers phosphorus and other resources from incinerated sewage sludge. With the Ash2Salt technology, commercial salts are extracted from highly chloride-containing fly ash. Read more about EasyMining

Chromafora has developed an award-winning innovation for purification of wastewater and selection of metals and organic pollutants. The SELMEXT™ (Selective Metal Extraction) technology is targeted at handling waste streams containing dissolved heavy metals. The SELPAXT™ product is a completely new way of treating water from perfluorinated alkylated substances (PFAS). Read more about Chromafora

MOSAB is a knowledge company specialising in the handling of excavation masses for instance in connection with civil engineering projects, in which Ragn-Sells has been the majority owner since 2019. MOSAB works to create efficient routines for recycling excavation material such as gravel and sand, and treat them to become raw material for bearings and asphalt. Read more about MOSAB

Over the last 50 years, more than 600 million tonnes of oil shale ash have been disposed in Estonia, placing an enormous burden on the environment due to the high PH of the ash. The aim of the Ragn-Sells OSA project is to produce a clean, carbon negative calcium carbonate, from these ashes.

Industrial trials of oil shale ash valorising technology

Ragn-Sells Estonia has sent four tonnes of oil shale ash to a Finnish laboratory, where industrial tests of calcium carbonate production technology now will start. This is the last pre-phase of the scientific research before the design of the plant and the start of the production scheduled for 2025 according to the current timetable.
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Norwegian fish poop can replace Russian gas and phosphorus

Every year, thousands of tonnes of sludge from Norwegian fish farms leak straight into the ocean. Now new technology puts this waste to use, both as a major source of energy and to produce the nutrient phosphorus, which Europe is importing from Russia.
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From ash to floor

The flooring company Tarkett and Ragn-Sells have partnered up to help fight the climate change. The objective is to create carbon negative raw material for floors derived from the historic ash piles of East Estonia made up of the residual waste from 50 years of Estonian energy production.
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