Circular solutions and products

A circular economy means reusing resources instead of depleting them and closing the loops so that no resources are wasted but used as raw material in another part of the cycle.

At Ragn-Sells this implies a transformation from a waste management company into a raw material producer. We develop solutions that is following these three fundamental criteria’s:

1) Reduce need for usage of virgin resources
Ragn-Sells operation aim to produce raw materials from waste so that others can use them to produce new products. We need to be careful with what the global production systems have already taken out from our geosphere and make sure to use these resources over and over again for as many times as possible.

2) De-contaminate circular flows and 3) No debts or hindrances pushed to future generations
In the environment, historically (and in the future), there are toxins that need to be taken out of the eco-loop. We remove toxic materials from the waste before we circulate it back into the eco-loop.

Illustration of Ragn-Sells guiding principles for achieving circular solutions

The specific goals in our sustainability strategy point out the fundamental role that circularity plays in our strategy and business operations. Through collaboration with partners and society we develop and deploy refined and value-creating circular material flows, with the aim to increase material recycling and avoid emissions. Below we describe some of them.

World's first Ash2Salt plant

In April 2023, Ragn-Sells opened the world's first facility for recycling commercial salts from fly ash from waste incineration. The plant extracts salts with a 90 percent lower climate footprint compared to traditional methods of salt production. Sweden’s Minister for Climate and the Environment Romina Pourmokhtari inaugurated the facility.

We want to walk the talk ourselves by also requesting our suppliers to use secondary material in their production. By procuring products with recycled content, we promote the change to a circular economy. Here we are also cooperating directly with producers with for example our FAIR Plastic pellets raw material, building up a product line to support our customers sustainability agenda as well.

Value creation & innovation

We work with all stakeholders to develop innovative solutions and services that create value for the environment, society, and economy at large, as well as for Ragn-Sells as a business.