Health & safety

People and Culture

To reach our goal to become the industry leader in workplace safety by 2030, we run a range of group-wide initiatives to shape a strong safety culture. For employees to feel supported in reporting risks or incidents, our management must foster open communication as a company norm. These principles are at the heart of every effort contributing to the culture of safety at Ragn-Sells.

To shape a culture of workplace safety, leadership is key. Throughout the Ragn-Sells group, health and safety issues are managed locally within the different companies. These issues are heavily regulated by legal requirements. To ensure the same health and safety standards in all countries where Ragn-Sells operates, local policies and procedures are in place. Incidents, near misses, risk observations, and sick leave are monitored by all Ragn-Sells companies.

"If we are careless about safety, we put ourselves and our colleagues at risk. Our goal is a business where no one gets hurt on the job. Always take the time to think before you do anything!"

Mikael Hedström, CEO of Ragn-Sells Treatment & Detox Sweden


Strengthening a system-wide culture of safety

Through group-wide initiatives, like instituting a new reporting tool and adding a new metric to measure progress, Ragn-Sells continues to shape a culture of safety across all levels. One with the goal to become the industry leader in workplace safety by 2030 and built on a foundation of mutual trust and collaboration.
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