Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

People and Culture

Diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as valuing the differences of our employees is key to our leadership, innovation and competitiveness. This is what brings us all together and this is what makes us a fair, collaborative, and thriving workplace.

We believe diversity gives access to a wide variety of talents, skills, and experiences which helps provide insights into societies needs and motivations. From our point of view, diversity comes in all shapes and sizes, and we are committed to offering an inclusive workplace and a balance in the workforce at all levels and positions.

However, gender diversity is a key element in our work around equity since our industry has a history of male over-representation. Therefore, our objective is to achieve an even gender balance within the organisation.

Developing diversity and inclusion as assets

Ragn-Sells views diversity and inclusion as vital resources. It aims for a diverse workforce at all levels and positions, including an even gender balance. But working in a traditionally male-dominated industry can make that challenging and thus all the more necessary.
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Working towards gender equality and diversity

Ragn-Sells takes its commitment to gender diversity and equality seriously. By 2030 Ragn-Sells aims to have 50% women and 50% men in leadership roles within the company. And, as one member of the Ragn-Sells community explains, it’s a goal critical to the company’s future.
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CEO that wants to make a difference

Kai Realo was named CEO of Ragn-Sells Estonia in August of 2021. She believes there are certain aspects that people see differently. “Having a mixed team is like having a rear-view mirror covering all the angles; you see different approaches to solving problems.”
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Red lockers a step towards gender equality

Ragn-Sells is continuing its collaboration with the company RedLocker, which offers free menstrual products in the workplace. The initiative forms part of Ragn-Sells’ sustainability drive towards an equal and inclusive workplace. Read more