Stakeholder engagement and sustainability topics

Collaboration and effective dialogue with different stakeholders help us meet their expectations and needs and learn from good practices by other players in the market and society at large.

Our prioritised interest or stakeholder groups are those assessed to have the greatest influence on us and/or be most affected by our operations. These groups are customers, suppliers and sub-contractors, owners, employees, local communities, politicians, and partners. 

Sustainability topics

In order to identify the topics that Ragn-Sells should specifically focus on in our efforts for sustainability and circularity, we regularly conduct materiality analyses that involve our key stakeholders. Through this structured engagement process and in-depth analysis, we are able to understand what are the most critical economic, environmental, and social impacts that our operations might have, and which issues may substantially influence our stakeholders’ decisions. 

The figure below illustrates our stakeholders’ concerns and expectations vis-à-vis the degree of our significant impact on these issues.


Stakeholder engagements

Ragn-Sells conducts a survey, in-depth interview with selected stakeholder representatives, and a roundtable discussion with industry leaders predominantly from the construction and real estate sector.

The results are compiled and analysed, and subsequently used as the foundation for an internal discussion around impact. More precisely, what is our outgoing impact on people/society, the economy, and the environment, including both positive and negative, as well as actual and potential short- and long-term impacts.