Management and Governance  

 We want to be a driving force for sustainable business development and circularity

Our overall management approach to sustainability is steered towards creating trust internally and externally that enables us to be a driving force for sustainable business development and circularity.

The building blocks of creating such a company culture and collaboration model with partners are illustrated in our 5C leadership modelCommunication, Collaboration, Commitment, Compliance, Competence, and Competence. This model has framed our journey in terms of appropriate leadership action and engagement across the whole organisation in the shift towards circularity.

We are increasing our ability to communicate, allowing everybody, inside or outside Ragn-Sells, to contribute to our sustainability goals. We listen to each other and seek dialog. We give constructive feedback that leads to greater results. 

Through collaboration we help each other succeed by sharing knowledge, networking, and creating common goals to support one Ragn-Sells, and also to accelerate circularity together with our external stakeholders.

We are committed to Ragn-Sells and are loyal to decisions that are taken. By setting clear and measurable goals for each employee, we inspire people to be Committed. We strive to continuously improve as individuals and as an organisation. 

By caring, taking responsibility, and being compliant with external laws, regulations, and standards, as well as internal policies and guidelines, we maintain trust as a circular economy transformation partner. Compliance is an ongoing process that sets expectations for our behaviour, helps us stay focused and work through operational excellence. 

We develop our skills and competence through our ongoing work and specific competence development. With the appropriate competence, we can support our customers in their circularity journey. 


One of Sweden's Best Managed Companies 2021

On 23 September, Ragn-Sells was presented as one of Sweden's Best Managed Companies 2021, a quality award by the consulting and auditing company Deloitte in collaboration with Nasdaq. Sweden's Best Managed Companies is a quality award given to Swedish private companies based on criteria that assess strategic focus, operational structure, corporate culture, and economic development.

“This award is a confirmation that we have structures in place and that our work is permeated by the strategic direction that we believe is required to achieve our goals.”

Lars Lindén, CEO Ragn-Sells Group