Welcome to Roundtables on construction

If we are serious about creating a sustainable society, we have to use the raw materials we have already extracted, over and over again, as often as possible. Therefore, we at Ragn-Sells together with partners invite you to participate in this series of roundtables on construction. In total there will be six roundtables hosted in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Estonia.

Today, almost half of our climate impact, and 90 percent of water scarcity issues, are linked to the way we extract resources and produce goods. According to Global Alliance for Building and Construction hosted by UN-Environment in its 2022 global status report, the construction sector is accountable for around 37 percent of energy and process-related CO2 emissions and over 34 percent of energy demand Globally. We really need to rethink – and fast.

Therefore, and within the framework of the strategy for Ragn-Sells Group and the commitment to reduce CO2 emissions, the construction sector has been selected to be the focus area for 2023 to contribute to achieving decarbonizing by 2050, where the main objective of the roundtables on construction to discuss Innovation, Resource Efficiency, and Sustainable Consumption by introducing proactive environmental strategies and new technology practices to support the construction sector to achieve a better circular approach.

The Roundtable meetings will give policymakers, business-oriented companies, and civil society to present what challenges they see in this area in order to enhance resource efficiency and explore ways to monitor the progress of SDGs.

For further correspondence and inquiries, kindly contact the Roundtables Coordinator: Eli Jacobsen, Head of Innovation Management, or +4522206924.


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