Update on Corona situation from Ragn-Sells CEO

Update from Ragn-Sells Group CEO

03 Apr 2020

A month has passed since the corona virus hit our society with great force. At Ragn-Sells, we monitor the situation closely and follow the local authorities' guidelines and recommendations to limit the spread of the virus.

As Group CEO, I continuously follow the development of our markets in Denmark, Estonia, Norway and Sweden, and can see that we have different challenges in the respective countries. Despite the serious consequences we have seen in many industries, the waste management sector has so far been relatively stable with some exceptions.

In the majority of our markets waste management has been deemed a critical societal activity why it is important that we as Ragn-Sells are prepared to continue the work as needed.

I am proud to see how different parts of our company come together to find smart solutions to ensure and maintain a good service to our customers. It is truly all about collaboration, collaboration, collaboration.

Without trying to speculate, given the corona virus updates we see every day in the news, I can only assume that the near-term future will continue to be tough on society and the financial markets. Important therefore that we all take our responsibility and do what we can to reduce the spread of the infection, but also to continue our operations to support our customers, the economy and our society at large.

Take care of each other.

Lars Lindén
CEO Ragn-Sells Group

More information on how we handle the corona situation can be found on www.ragnsells.com/corona