Recovered wood chips

We buy and sell wood and wood chips for further sorting and processing before selling it to downstream customers such as panel board producers or incineration plants.

Waste wood comes in many forms and from all types of industries and human activities. The wood may be in the form of panel boards, plywood, construction wood, pallets, and packaging wood.

Metals, such as nails from pallets and hinges from window frames have been sorted out by magnets in the shredder process. All these types of wood are suitable for different kinds of recycling. Under no circumstances should there be CCA, or creosote treated wood in this mix as these have to be treated as hazardous waste.

After the wood has been collected and sorted it's stored on a paved surface for further processing and breakdown. Since wood chips are regarded as a fresh commodity and depreciate in both quality and value if stored outside over time, Ragn-Sells takes great care in the planning of the production and supply chain to provide just-in-time deliveries to our customers. This allows us to always guarantee our customers the best quality wood chips to an agreed standard, to be used for producing energy or making new wood products.

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