Hazardous waste

Hazardous waste arises largely from all social functions in all countries Ragn-Sells are represented. There are high demands on those who handle hazardous waste throughout the chain, from collection to final processing.

Ragn-Sells has a very long experience in the field, where in addition to proprietary processing techniques have established partnerships towards external treatment or recycling.

Over the years we have built up a network of partners to offer our customers the most environmentally sound and cost-effective handling of these materials. We always strive to improve upon the number of materials that can be recycled, and that the hazardous materials that not should be brought into circulation are managed in a way that meets all requirements for safe final disposal.

A few examples of recycling solutions Ragn-Sells continuously improve upon, is ensuring that oil from garages, boats and industries can be part of new products by regenerating new base oil. The oil can also be used as fuel in power plants if the quality is out of spec. We also ensure that used glycol is purified and recycled when possible. Lead batteries are recycled to 96 percent, where the lead is re-melted and the sulfuric acid is regenerated.

Handling hazardous waste is often a very complex business, where hazardous waste is a collective name for thousands of different substances that require different types of treatment, depending on various specific properties. These methods of treatment, in turn, have different demands on the composition of the materials, both chemically and physically.

Whether you need help with the collection, processing, or mere handling, Ragn-Sells has a viable solution for you.

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